Club Lion Wants You to Go To Hell….Club Hell, That Is!

joseph-club-hell_025If you are interested in going to Hell with gasoline pants on, then Club Hell is the place for you!  Located at Egret Key, Club Hell is the brainchild of Nita Wunderlich, who relies on elements of lava, fire and all things hell-related to better explore the mysticism surrounding this netherworld.  She explains, ” The Hell’s Club is for a bit of a tickle, a way to explore the bad side that is within all of us… we all have (winks and smiles)!”

Nita Wunderlich

Yet, what makes Club Hell a unique experience is not only its cemented belief of Hell being located deep within the Earth, but that Hell (in and of itself) is in the deepest nether reaches of the Earth’s seas and oceans.  In fact, Wunderlich’s interpretation of Hell being in such a seemingly unlikely location is an interesting concept because—as many scientists can attest—it is very difficult to determine exactly what lives in the deepest parts of the Earth’s seas and oceans.

To Nita Wunderlich, Hell is an untapped scientific construct…complete with elements of Trance, punk, hard rock and Goth.  To convey this theme, Wunderlich employs an array of artists and DJs to create a unique aura of gentle wickedness…a wickedness, in fact that is exuberant and embracing all at once.  In fact, one of many artists Nita relies on is Psiquence.  What makes Psiquence a unique addition to Club Hell is that he is not a DJ at all; rather, he is an RL musician that produces his own brand of ambience trance music.

Psiquence’s native language is German, so The SL Parade had to rely on a translator, as well as on Nita Wunderlich’s bilingual talents, to better understand who he is not only in SL, but in RL too.  With this in mind Psiquence explains, “I came to SL by chance…and the reason I’m here is to give concerts with my music….in the course of time, I realized that in SL, you can also [create, show, and] rotate music videos , which became a further part of my SL-existence.

Psiquence, Music Producer


Thus, relying on SL, as well as RL to spread the word about his unique brand of music, Psiquence also wants The SL Parade readers to know that he currently has two released projects available for your listening pleasure.  His first project is entitled Psiquence, while his second (and newest) project is called Shade of Psi.  Psiquence explains, “The project is still quite young and will start in March with the first album ‘Colors of infinity’….”


While the SL community should be thanking the SL stars for Nita Wunderlich’s Club Hell, another thing they should be thanking her for is her inclusion of DJ Maria in her Club Hell DJ Roster!  What makes this inclusion unique is as follows:  Wunderlich’s club venues specializes in live performances, as well as an immersion of beliefs related to all things outlandish and whimsical.  And while this is the case, Wunderlich’s inclusion of DJ Maria may seem like an unpredictable, yet predictable one, but what makes this inclusion unique is DJ Maria’s longevity as an SL DJ.  DJ Maria tells The SL Parade, “I have been DJ’ing inworld for six years now, and I enjoy it immensely.  When asked what she liked best about DJ’ing inworld, Maria says, “Music is life because it has feeling…it gives so much to the listener; to DJ is to literally touch music, as well as touch those who listen to it…”

joseph-club-hell_025III.  The Ambiance
Club Hell is a combination of Christian-based hell-related mythology, blended with a little known realization about the Earth’s oceans’ floor.  Specifically, sources like Wikipedia assert that because the Earth’s ocean floor is still considered undiscovered territory, that there is no way to know what is down there! Specifically, Wikipedia contends that humans have explored less than 2% of the ocean’s floor, and based on the little that they have already seen, they have only managed to discover dozens of new deep sea species with every dive (Wikipedia).

While the average person may find this realization a bit disconcerting, Wunderlich takes full advantage of it by creating a Club that is not only steeped within Hell-themed mythology, but one that also challenges her patrons to really think outside the box…particularly when it comes to imagining what Hell may look and feel like.  In this sense, Wunderlich embraces what we don’t know about the ocean’s bottom, then flips it in such a way where a patron has to realize that maybe, just maybe, there could actually be a hell of a lot more to the Earth’s ocean bottoms than we could ever imagine.

joseph-club-hell_008In response to this realization, Nita Wunderlich conveniently says, “I try to be unique with things…create something that not many have nor experienced…and I feel I must do that to make all of my guests happy…hee hee…”

joseph-club-hell_018Thus, like the deepest recesses of the ocean, Wunderlich’s vision of hell is dark, hot, and populated by beings that have never been seen alive on the Earth’s surface.  This, along with a random stingray swimming about, not to mention a hell of a hot entrance leading patrons into the deepest part of Club Hell, are one of many engaging things patrons can expect to encounter.  Also, if you are looking for a little bit of heat on a chilly SL night, be sure to venture onto Club Hell’s hot lava dance floor.  The lava boils over onto a satanic image, and also features fire and brimstone throughout the venue.  This, along with half naked beautiful women on stripping poles, create a steaming hot venue…and it is all nestled deep within the darkest bottom of the ocean.

Upon mention of the half naked women that frequent Club Hell, Nita shrugs, then says, ” Hey, I can’t be always good..I try to be…but sometimes, we woman want be sexy and tease….”

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