Hot Buttered Soul Celebrates Their Three Year Anniversary!

hot-buttered-soul-logoThe sad fact is…clubs come and go in SL.  However, there are some clubs that have literally stood the SL test of time…growing beyond the wildest stretches of the SL imagination.

One club that has accomplished this feat is Hot Buttered Soul.  Located on the Peaceful Rare Diamond SIM (, Hot Buttered Soul recently celebrated their three year anniversary…a celebration that started on Saturday, November 21, 2016 and finished on Sunday, November 22, 2016.

МŔ ß (brother.baily)

Featuring an entourage of DJ’s that included МŔ ß (brother.baily), T’sah Rare Diamond (tsah), and ƊJ Ɲαѕѕу ƁαηgƵ Ƒαcєσff (jeeneflo.carter), Hot Buttered Soul not only gave attending patrons free Hot Buttered Soul T-shirts, they also offered over $2500L in prizes…prizes that could be earned by playing games like GREEDY, as well as riding on the SIMs rodeo bull.  This, along with the option to either shoot zombies, play paintball, miniature golf, etc. made for an eventful anniversary celebration.

However, the fun-filled activities offered at their anniversary celebration is not limited solely to that day, because they are offered 365 days a year, seven days a week!  Unlike many other venues, Hot Buttered Soul offers the SL community a plethora of activities to choose from.  Besides the activities listed in the prior paragraph, Hot Buttered Soul also offers skydiving, not to mention opportunities to shoot wild game and ride on a train via HBS’ Central Square.  To better illustrate what Hot Buttered Soul has to offer, The SL Parade was given a list that uniquely illustrates all things related to Hot Buttered Soul:

hot-buttered-soul-attractions-listBecause Hot Buttered Soul has so much to offer, they have been routinely featured in Second Life’s Destination Guide, too.  This, in and of itself is a unique feat, since there are a ton of other similarly themed clubs on the Grid that solely have to rely on their own advertising efforts to get the word out about their venue.  This, along with Hot Buttered Soul’s willingness to give back to the SL community it serves, truly makes for a unique SL venue.  To see for yourself, please click here:  Hot Buttered Soul SL Destination Guide.

Yet, what are some of the ways that Hot Buttered Soul gives back to the SL community it serves?  For one thing, they are very flexible in terms of who they will allow to DJ…so flexible, that they often generously allow DJ’s to do something called “Hijack the stream,” which allows any DJ to come by and offer their services at almost any given time.  Though Hot Buttered Soul does have a routine set of DJ’s to cater to the needs of the SL community, the notion of freely allowing others time on the stream is truly an unprecedented process…so much so, that it can duly be interpreted as a wonderful way to offer the SL community a collective mix of DJ’s that have their own unique style.

hbs_010In addition to the DJs, the hosts that work alongside them also encompass all things related to Soul. KєуŠђîα  (keyshia.renard) for instance, regularly hosts sets for an array of DJs, and enjoys it immensely.   KєуŠђîα explains (when asked what she likes most about working at Hot Buttered Soul) that she enjoys meeting people from all walks of life.  “I like seeing them having so much fun,’ she explains, “…and enjoying the music!”

This enriched enjoyment, along with Hot Buttered Soul’s willingness to throw coined lindens on the dance floor, make for a sporadic and exciting time for those who often venture to a Hot Buttered Soul set solely for the music.  The coined lindens, worth $2L each, encompass a familiar change-clinking sound that could very well incite a greed-driven frenzy.  Yet to be fair, everyone is allowed to speedily pick up dropped coins to add to their linden bank account…as long as they move quick and click on the coins accordingly.

Hot Buttered Soul has a roller skating rink that offers patrons free skates…

II.  A Celebration of All Things Hot Buttered Soul

All coined Linden throwing aside, what makes Hot Buttered Soul a unique experience is that it celebrates all things intrinsic in Soul music.  In an SL and RL world where it seems as if being a person of color is a crime, Hot Buttered Soul offers a no nonsense approach when it comes to embracing all things Soul.  For instance, by offering a plethora of activities, Hot Buttered Soul demonstrates that Soul music is a part of the everyday, as well as a part of all things exciting and rich within the SL community.

Hot Buttered Soul also shows the SL community that people of color can work together and create inworld businesses capable of reaching the SL masses.  Owned by T’sah Rare Diamond (tsah) she, along with Co-Owner PEACE (peaceful.harbour) have laid out a strategic plan that firmly demonstrates how Soul music is not simply an American thing, but an international thing, too.  This is because they also feature DJs from countries such as Brazil and The Netherlands.  These DJs, in turn, not only showcase music indigenous to American culture, but also reflective of their own country’s Soul influenced culture, too.

hbs-real-talk-uncut-logoYet, in showcasing the music, T’sah Rare Diamond and PEACE also showcase the culture that cements this music, making for not only a fun experience, but an informally educated one as well. To add to this idea, T’sah Rare Diamond and PEACE also host a radio show called Real Talk Uncut, which airs every Sunday at 2 pm on ENT SL Radio.  To listen to their stream, please copy and click the link found here:

If all else, you owe it to yourself to not only visit the Hot Buttered Soul club, but to take a look at the whole SIM! And, when you TP there, please let the staff know that The SL Parade sent you…and please, be sure to kill a few zombies for the staff and cut a rug on the Soul Train line, okay (smiles)?

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