Jana Fleming-Sinclair Talks RL Health Dangers of SL

what-is-healthSo you’ve been playing Second Life for a while and you’re starting to notice some changes in your body?  No, not your avie’s body because we all know you keep your avie on point lol.

If you play SL for more than an hour or two a day, you really may notice some changes in your body.  Thankfully most are easily remedied or at least controllable.  In this article we will review some of those changes and what we can do about them.  But first I want to say if you do notice changes, please see your healthcare provider promptly.

fruit-and-veggiesThe first thing I want to mention is weight gain (ugh).  This one is a no-brainer in a sense because we all know if you take in more calories than we burn off, you gain weight.  So if you’re spending a lot more time online and less time moving around, you will gain weight (unless you’re one of those people who never gain weight and I don’t like you people very much j/k).  Get up and move around.  Take a walk, join a gym (and go), or get one of the tons of at-home workout videos.

That very same weight gain can lead to other health problems including hypertension, diabetes, heart problems.  We will go into some of those problems in future articles.

Another thing you may notice after sitting for long periods is swelling of your feet and ankles (pedal edema).   This may simply be a natural result of gravity (fluid accumulates in the lowest part of your body).  But you must also check your diet because if you’re eating a lot of salt or salty foods, this increases your chances of retaining extra fluid.  Getting up and moving may help, along with elevating your feet when possible.

saltDiet is also important.  When I say eating too much salt or salty foods, I do not mean adding salt from the shaker necessarily.  Some foods are naturally salty such as deli meats, smoked meats, canned soups.  As an African-American I know we can season the hell out of food before it’s cooked.  So yes the Lawry’s, garlic salt, garlic pepper (mhm it has salt), chicken seasoning all count as salt, even before your food is cooked.

So the moral of the story is get up and move (channeling Michelle Obama), watch your diet, and just generally try to be healthier.  And don’t forget even if you feel well, visiting your healthcare provider regularly will help you stay healthy.

About the author:  Jana Fleming-Sinclair is an accomplished Second Life creator, as well as a dedicated wife and mother.  She enjoys creating a weekly bulletin for members of the River of Life Church inworld, as well as spending time with her husband StarChild Sinclair.  Feel free to take a look at her fashion line on Second Life’s Marketplace here: JCD on SL Marketplace.

Jana also has an inworld store that The SL Parade urges you to visit, so head over there by clicking this link:  JCD in Second Life.

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