Center Ground Offers Radio Commercial to SL Masses

center ground rental_018The SL Parade is greatly humbled by its recent inclusion in the new Center Ground commercial.

Located next door to the SL Parade Headquarters, Center Ground recently did an on air commercial highlighting all they have to offer.  Offerings to the SL Community include the Center Ground Club, as well as the Center Ground Art Gallery.  These, along with a collection of stores and a hosts of other venues, significantly contributes to offering an array of activities for the SL Palette (smiles).

To get a better idea of what Center Ground offers, please be sure to pay the SIM a visit!  To start your Center Ground adventure, please click on the link provided here:  Center Ground Art Gallery.

Of course, if you want to visit The SL Parade Headquarters, please do so by clicking on the following link here: The SL Parade Headquarters, next door to Center Ground.  Also, please feel free to go to explore both The SL Parade Headquarters and Center Ground!

To take a listen to Center Ground’s newest commercial, please listen here:


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