This Holiday, Let Honeydew Hilite Make A Baby For You and Your Family!

baby-honeydew-bizJust in time for the holidays, Honeydew Hilite would be honored to make you and your SL family a baby…

And while it is true that many of us enjoy the notion of making our own babies, Honeydew Hilite has gotten baby making down to a science.  An active SL community creator for well over 10 years, Honeydew Hilite has honed her talents to include the creation of Honeydew Babies.  Beginning her SL creator stint as the founder of Diva Style Clothing–a clothing line that specializes in classic, business attire for the everyday woman,–she later decided to focus on making babies solely on a self-motivated whim.  Hilite continues, “I had babies I had just created for myself and so many people wanted them, so I kinda was pushed into opening a baby making business…and since I was the creator I just named my baby line ‘Honeydew Babies’ Lol!”

baby-honeydewThough the Honeydew Babies line does not feature growing babies like other brands do, the babies offered reflect a variety of age ranges–from infant to young children.  Hilite explains that her reasoning behind not creating babies that grow up was cemented by the needs of her customers.  “My customers…” she explains, “…have expressed a desire to have their babies remain babies; they were not interested in buying an ongoing slew of accessories to insure that their Honeydew Babies grow.  For this reason, I decided to offer Honeydew Babies at various stages, as well as ages…giving parents the flexibility to choose (and keep) their Honeydew Babies forever babies…”

II. What Others Have to Say About Honeydew Hilite and Her Honeydew Babies

Diamond Meness, who has previously worked with Hilite in the creation of her TummyTalker food line, goes a step further and says, “Honey is a business baron!! ”

What makes Meness’ comment so unique is that she not only bought her first Honeydew Baby five years ago, but that she has also seen Honey Hilite flourish as a successful SL business woman.  Meness reiterates this realization by saying, “The baby of hers that I have was the second or third series Honeydew baby that came out many years ago…I loved it because it was much easier to handle, and I could do way more…more than what the babies were doing at that time…the thing I found amazing is that she asked for pics of me and Jarrod and merged our baby from the photos…and I liked it!”

Diamond Meness

Diamond Meness, who also owns Black Business Owners of Second Life (BBOSL), as well as Kitchen Nibbles, Around The Home and Special O’Cassions, is also privy to the primary motivation for Honey Hilite’s creation of Honeydew Babies.  Meness explains, “Honeydew babies was born out of a need or the desire to bring a more realistic feel to SL, along with the ability to interact with babies in a much more nurturing fashion…she’s a fantastic woman who I am proud to have as a sister/friend/confidant/ fellow business woman…”

III. Honeydew Babies Shows How Expansion is an Example of Business Growth

As a successful business woman, one thing that Honeydew Hilite is willing to do is grow personally and professionally.  In terms of the latter, Hilite has added another foray to her Honeydew Babies line:  Honeydew Babies alive.

According to the Honeydew Babies Facebook page, Honeydew Babies Alive is actually a line of bots that can be easily controlled with software.  To better understand how the Honeydew Babies Alive works, please take a look at the following slideshow:

[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”33″ gal_title=”dem honeydew babies”]

IV.  Honeydew Hilite Shares Her Thoughts About Her Customers

Besides influencing the growth of Honeydew Babies, Hilite also embraces honesty from her customers.  She literally seeks out feedback from them, and once received, she immediately addresses any concerns they may have.  She does this by not only responding to personal IM’s inworld, but by also taking concerns on her Honeydew Babies Facebook page.  To take a look at the Honeydew Babies Facebook page, please click on the following link here:  Honeydew Babies Facebook pageThe SL Parade also encourages all readers to support Honeydew Babies by liking this page.

ReRe Sandalwood tries to be discreet as she takes a picture of one of the Honeydew babies…

In addition, Honey Hilite goes out of her way to treat her customers like family; she will regularly shout out her appreciation of them on her own personal Facebook page (to friend Honeydew Hilite via Facebook, please click here:  Honeydew Hilite) and is also willing to share a plethora of information about her products on her Honeydew Babies website.  This information is easily accessible, not to mention easy to understand because she offers customers an opportunity to learn more about her products via Youtube and presentation boards.  To check out the Honeydew Babies website, please click here:  Honeydew Babies website.

In terms of the one thing she finds rewarding about interacting with her customers, Honeydew Hilite says that she loves to see her customers satisfied.  She explains, “I love it when my products make my customers happy.  This is a virtual world and we all come to find something, and I just enjoy the positive things you can do in a world such as this…”

To get your Honeydew Babies product in time for the holidays, The SL Parade suggest you visit the Honeydew Babies store at the Fio Fum SIM.  This inworld store, which has been on the same land for the past nine years, has live models on display so customers can better determine if a Honeydew Baby will be a perfect addition to their inworld family.  To go to the Fio Fum SIM, please click on the following link:  Honeydew Babies inworld.

In a pinch, Honeydew Babies are also available for purchase on The SL Marketplace, so take a look at the Honeydew Babies by clicking on this link:  Honeydew Babies at SL Marketplace.

Also, please take a look at the Honeydew Babies Slideshow below:

[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”34″ gal_title=”dem honeydew babies2″]

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