TGF Celebrates Moor Culture and Influence At Nobility Ball


TGF celebrated the accomplishments of the Moors with their TGF Nobility Ball on Sunday, October 4, 2016…

In an environment lush with red velvet and sparkling gold, TGF reminded all in attendance that, “When The Moors Ruled In Europe, Intellect And Civilization Were At the Forefront…”

Mindful of this claim, TGF pulled no stops in presenting all things regal at the TGF Nobility Ball.  Held on Sunday, December 4, 2016 from 6 PM SLT to 8 PM SLT, Cecil Jarman (also known as CJ The DJ) acted as the Ball’s DJ. Mixing a copulation of Holiday, Old School, and Arabic-influenced music, CJ The DJ proved that he could not only draw a great crowd, but that he could literally pack a party full of beautiful avis.

rere-at-dance_008Women and men were dressed in their medieval-influenced best, and there was even a TGF led dance performance in the middle of the dance floor.  Yet, in the midst of all this glamour and fun, CJ The DJ still had time to share some fun facts related to the accomplishments of the Moors.

Moors, according to Wikipedia, are Muslim inhabitants of the Maghreb, North Africa, as well as the Iberian Peninsula, Sicily, and Malta during the Middle Ages;  they were initially Berber and Arab peoples from North Africa ( This is particularly stunning because Moors, and their accomplishments therein, show that people of African descent are…and have always been…capable of accomplishing great things.  In fact, Moors have been featured in works like Shakespeare’s Othello and even in Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales.

Besides accomplishing its goal of educating the SL masses on how the Moors influenced medieval times, TGF’s aim was to also recruit potential members for its organization.  Functioning inworld as a biker group, TGF also has a radio station and a slew of DJ’s who actively support its organization’s endeavors.  To listen to TGFRadio106.4, as well as check out their website, please feel free to click here:  TGF Radio 106.4.

rere-at-dance-tgf_001TGF, and successful organizations therein, are powerful reminders of what can be accomplished through hard work and perseverance.  For this reason and more, The SL Parade looks forward to attending more TGF functions, and also look forward working more closely with its members.

To get a better look at what went down at TGF’s Nobility Ball, The SL Parade has provided some photos below for your viewing pleasure.  Be mindful that though the photos featured in this article were also posted on ReRe Sandalwood’s Facebook page, The SL Parade has also decided to feature them in this article as a way to pay homage to the TGF’s Nobility Ball.

If you are interested in becoming a part of the TGF group, please feel free to contact BLKCHINA Foggarty or  KєуŠђîα  (keyshia.renard).

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