The SL Parade Implements CHANGE for the Holidays!

vp-and-rereIt’s that time of the year again, and while I am very excited about the holidays, I am also implementing some changes to The SL Parade!  Most of the changes are very positive, and I wanted to use this time to share them with our readers…

For starters, The SL Parade will no longer offer advertising packages for purchase.  As a budding new editor, I have found that these ad packages do not fully represent what The SL Parade can do for the community.  For this reason, The SL Parade will be implementing a flat rate charge of $1000L for all advertisements.  This flat advertising rate will cover two full months of service, but will also enable all advertisers to have a permanent ad placed in our “SL Advertisers” section of the publication.

flat-rates-1This $1000L flat rate charge will also cover the following costs:

  1. A feature article about your product or service, complete with photos and one on one interviews with not only the business owner, but a few of their clients as well.
  2. A feature of your article in The SL Parade’s  website’s Slider, providing your business with week long exposure on our front page.
  3. Advertising your feature article in Facebook groups (please see slideshow below)
  4. Advertising your feature article in inworld, Second Life groups (please see slideshow below)
  5. An ad board featured in The SL Parade’s classroom
  6. Honorable mention on The SL Parade’s new radio show, “The SL Parade Talks” (scheduled to start the third week of January 2017)
  7. Your photo advertisement inserted in various, non-controversial articles

The SL Parade will also be offering space for wedding announcements, as well as for Rezz Day shout outs and wedding anniversary announcements on both our website and on our radio show.  The rates for these kinds of ads will be as follows:

  1. Wedding anniversary announcements and in depth reflection on its significance, complete with a a full article write up, photos of the couple and evidence of the sl and/or rl life they have built together, and an announcement in all inworld SL groups (as listed in accompanying photo):  $1000L
  2. Wedding announcements, complete with a two-paragraph long write up, photos of the couple, and an announcement in all inworld SL groups (as listed in accompanying photo):  $600L
  3. If a couple becomes engaged, and want to share their announcement with the SL community in a congratulatory fashion, or if a member of their family wants to publish a couple’s engagement announcement, The SL Parade will publish the announcement on our website:  $100L
  4. Rezz day shout outs on “The SL Parade Talks”:  $100L
  5. Rezz day party announcements and/or shout outs on The SL Parade’s website:  $100L
  6. Rezz day party coverage, complete with photo layout, two paragraph write up and accolades from well wishers:  $600L

Please note that The SL Parade has the right to use discretion when it comes to ad placement, and there is no guarantee that we will agree to publish your advertisement simply because you are willing to pay.

II.  No SL Awards Coverage

cultural-diversity-bias-prejudice-discrimination-3-728The SL Parade will no longer cover SL award-themed events, with the exception of “SL’s Got Talent.”  In our publication’s opinion, many of these SL Award shows are inherently bias and award individuals who exhibit behaviors that completely conflict with the awards they are afforded.  This problematic behavior includes, but is not limited to:  unethical practices, cyber bullying, promiscuity that many try to keep hidden; prejudice against other nationalities, genders, races, and ethnicities, etc.

While The SL Parade takes this position, we still wish all SL Award-themed event participants and founders the best in their SL, and look forward to keeping this neutral stance as it pertains to events of this nature.

III.  Creating A Donor’s and “In Loving Memory” Section on The SL Parade’s website

Because The SL Parade relies on donations from the SL Public, we aim to encourage significant donations.  One way this will be done is via the publication of donor names, as well as the amount they have pledged to our publication.  Thus, if you or your organization donates $1500L or more to The SL Parade, your name will be permanently listed in the newly implemented “Donors Section” of our web page.

keep-calm-and-be-a-donorIdeally, The SL Parade would like to publish photos of the donors, but will only do so with the donor’s approval.

We also encourage donations that honor the deceased.  Similar to our “Donors Section,” all donations of this nature have to be $1500L or more in order to qualify for publication.  Thus, if a loved one of yours has passed on and you would like to honor their memory via a donation to The SL Parade, we will not only publish the individual’s name, we will also publish any affirming comments that offer remembrances of this individual’s sl and/or rl contributions.

If the donation is $2200L or more, The SL Parade will extend our duty to the community we serve by doing a full-length article on the deceased.  This full-length article will include interviews with the deceased loved ones, as well as a full photo spread.  These photos can be SL and/or RL photos, as long as those involved approve of their publication.

IV.  Conclusion

The SL Parade encourages any feedback, including comments, suggestions or concerns about these new implementations.  Thus, if you would like to get in touch with The SL Parade’s Editor-In-Chief, please feel free to contact me at either or via Facebook here:  Arreba Sandalwood.  Of course, I can also be reached inworld at ℛᴇℛᴇ Sandalwood.

Please note that if you want to visit The SL Parade’s Headquarters, you can do so by clicking this link:  The SL Parade Headquarters.  Feel free to drop off any announcements, concerns, or suggestions in our pink mailbox located in front of ReRe Sandalwood’s house!

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