Four Days Before Christmas, And Sales Are Still Causing A Stir!

While many may have already completed their holiday shopping, there may be others still scrambling for that last minute Christmas gift.  If you are one of the latter, The SL Parade suggests hitting SL sales specifically exclusive to the holiday season!

Yet, where does the last minute shopper begin?  For starters, there is no place like the Second Life Marketplace!  If you type in the key words “12 days of savings” in the site’s search engine, a slew of awesome products will pop up.  Some of the ones I noticed included Meli Imako, a creator that specializes in full perm merchandise.  For those that are not privy to full perm, these products allow the buyer to create new looks…simply with a change of a texture!  Full perm items can also be easily transferred to other avis, making them the gift that keeps on giving!

With winter-themed sims taking precedence in SL, one Meli Imako product that stuck out to me were the 12 Days of Savings MI Mesh Fashion Ice Skates.  These skates are especially great because you can create a unique pair of skates that reflects your avi’s persona.  To check out the rest of the merchandise Meli Imako has on sale, please click on this tab:  Meli Imako’s 12 Days of Savings.

Another 12 Days of Savings sale I noticed on the SL Marketplace was with Truth Hair.  For those of you not familiar with Truth Hair, creator Truth Hawks offers an array of hair for the discerning avi.  Though Truth Hair usually costs $250L for specifically colored hair and $400L for Hawks’ Variety Line, Truth hair is offering specific hairstyles for the low price of $75L for specifically colored hair, and $120L for the Truth Hair’s Variety Line.  Like Meli Imako, Truth Hair is offering an unprecedented deal for a limited time, so take advantage as soon as possible! To visit the Truth Hair’s SL Marketplace page, please click here:  Truth Hair 12 Days of Savings.

For those who may be interested in modeling their avi homes, the 12 Days of Savings sale has something for you too!  Trompe Loeil for instance, is offering an amazing sale on all things home and garden oriented!  Trompe Loeil products are created by Cory Edo, who often relies on elements of naturalism to create a product that is both simple and complex all at once.

One of many items that stuck out was the Raleigh Archway….a mesh item that is modestly covered in romantic lights.  Only 4 prims, this item is a perfect entrance for individuals that crave a bit of flair for the romantic…all inter-tangled with a bit of nature!  To take a look at Trompe Loeil products by clicking here:  Trompe Loeil 12 Days of Savings.

Though there are countless sales going on both the SL Marketplace and inworld, it is The SL Parade’s hope that these highlighted items will act as a tentative guide on what to look for in an SL 12 Days of Savings sale!  Either way, hurry because these sales will end on December 25, 2016!

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