Chop Zuey Celebrates 12 Days ‘Til Christmas By Giving Out Free Gifts!

“I like shiny things….”~ReRe Sandalwood

For those of you who love jewelry, becoming a member of the Chop Zuey Couture group may be the most awesome thing possible!

Though many may initially cringe at the thought of paying the one time $350L group membership fee, this fee is well worth it because group members get free gifts once a month.  Yet, these monthly free gifts pale in comparison to the “12 Days Til Christmas” promotion going on right now!  As of December 14, 2016, a total of 10 jeweled-encrusted gifts have been bestowed onto group members.

In fact, Chop Zuey Couture creator Belle Roussel relies on the holiday spirit by revealing the gift of the day every day until Christmas Eve.  In the course of this exciting reveal, the Chop Zuey patron can hear the sounds of classically-themed Holiday music.

Because the songs played rely on the use of violins and other instruments intrinsic in classical music, the ambiance created is one of pristine warmth and awe.

As if intertwined in the music, the bedazzled jewelry displayed around the store seems to glisten even more, which makes for an exciting time for the Chop Zuey Couture shopper coming by to pick up their “12 Days ‘Til Christmas” gifts.  Yet, the additional benefit of this promotion is that Belle Roussel also includes nonmembers in the “12 Days ‘Til Christmas” promotion. Like gifts for Chop Zuey Couture members, Belle Roussel has a section of free merchandise specifically tailored to the needs of non-group members, too…showing that beyond a shadow of a doubt, Christmas is designed for everyone!

With the “Christmas is designed for everyone” mentality in mind, Belle Roussel has gifts designated for both men and women. In fact, on the left side of the store, male group members can grab their “12 Days ‘Til Christmas” gifts, while women can grab there gifts on the right side of the store.

…some of the free jewelry for men featured at Chop Zuey’s “12 Days ‘Til Christmas” promotion…

The SL Parade will be revisiting The Chop Zuey line very soon via an interview with Belle Roussel.  Until then, please be sure to pay a visit to this fabulous store…to visit Chop Zuey inworld, please click here:  Chop Zuey’s Inworld Store.

To take a look at Chop Zuey’s products on the SL Marketplace, please click here:  CHOP ZUEY MARKETPLACE STORE.

Other places to view Chop Zuey’s merchandise:





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