Del Renee Villas: An Exploration of the Exceptional

Even in SL, a person can get stressed out and develop a yearning for an SL vacation.  In fact, with the holidays recently making a fleeting exit, many may opt to make a convenient, SL vacation-based exit right now…

If you fit this description, The SL Parade suggests that you pay a visit to Del Renee Villas!  Located at The Legacy sim, Del Renee Villas is a great place to not only vacation with your SL family, but can also act as a great romantic getaway for you and your significant other.

In operation since April 2016, Del Renee Villas began as a couples-only vacation spot, but has since extended its services to families and various SL groups around the grid. Offering 24 hour front desk service, as well as a camping grounds area and recreational boating for patrons, Del Renee Villas aims to create an atmosphere cemented in comfort, beauty and realism.

In fact, it is this realism that Иāę Watanabe-яεηεε™ (sanaarenee), Del Renee Villas Founder and CEO likes the best about Del Renee.  He explains, “I like the fact that everything isn’t perfect because once something is perfect, there is no more room for growth…in a matter of months Del Renee has went from a 1/4 to a full sim…because Del Renee is not perfect, it has done a lot of growing since April 2016, and I’m looking forward to seeing it grow some more…”

Del Renee CEO Иāę Watanabe-яεηεε™ (sanaarenee)

To insure that this growth continues, having little to no lag on the Del Renee Villas sim is very important to Иāę Watanabe-яεηεε™ (sanaarenee) and to Co-CEO Gєηєsɪs Mσяαℓєz-яεηεε™ (onlygenesis).  For this reason, both CEOs are very selective when it comes to what they use to beautify the Del Renee Villas sim.  In fact, according to Gєηєsɪs Mσяαℓєz-яεηεε™ (onlygenesis), there has to be a firm balance between realism and practicality…and one way to accomplish this is to insure that the decorations are low in prim, but still high in detail and realism.

While establishing low lag is a priority, Del Renee Villas is still able to offer an array of rental properties for their clientele.  These rental properties, called Villas, are serenely set in a Tuscany-based theme that draws upon earth tones and naturalistic-themed foliage–all aimed at creating an atmosphere of companionship and warmth.  When asked what customers loved most about Del Renee Villas, Иāę Watanabe-яεηεε™ (sanaarenee) explains, “They love the landscaping more than anything. My good friend, mentor and Pop, WoodyRacer Emoto did the land. Landscaping is something he is very passionate about..and my customers can see and feel that…”

To better explain what Del Renee Villas has to offer, Del Renee owner Иāę Watanabe-яεηεε™ (sanaarenee) was kind enough to provide the names and descriptions of the Del Renee sim Villas:

Mimosa:  According to Иāę Watanabe-яεηεε™ (sanaarenee), the Mimosa is “the warm and coziest of our villas…” He continues, “This is our newest and most modern villa.  Its able to accommodate a family vacation or a couple’s retreat and offers three bedrooms (all with amazing views) and two bathrooms…as well as a private grill, sauna and underground private pool/jacuzzi area for your family’s use…”

San Jose:  This villa, according to Иāę Watanabe-яεηεε™ (sanaarenee), functions as Del Renee’s community villa, and is also a favorite for groups and/or families. In fact, San Jose is described as a villa “…where Italy meets Spain…all for a full wine country experience.” Offering three bedrooms and a beautiful full living space, San Jose offers patrons lots of room to explore, not to mention relax…all while taking in the sights and sounds of Del Renee.

Bella Vesta:  This villa acts as a romantic getaway for Del Renee patrons. A studio-styled single bedroom villa, this villa offers patrons their own private vineyard, not to mention a private picnic area, and an underground pool/jacuzzi area.  Besides all of this, Bella Vesta also offers an array of intimately detailed romantic escapes…all aimed at creating memories throughout the villa–making it one of our most popular rentals.

Villas and Vineyards…Oh My!!!

In addition to the Villas, Del Renee also has a gorgeous vineyard that’s available to all patrons.  According to the information forwarded by Иāę Watanabe-яεηεε™ (sanaarenee), the Del Renee Vineyard offers all patrons a true taste of Italy; specifically, the vineyard is not only visually gorgeous, but offers all patrons an interactive opportunity to pick their own grapes and stomp them (with their own feet) into a juicy pulp…all with the aim of allowing patrons to create their own wine.  Gєηєsɪs Mσяαℓєz-яεηεε™ (onlygenesis) says, “Though it is a bit messy, our customers love stomping the grapes to create their own wine…”

In this sense, the ability to stomp out your own wine further offers patrons a truly unique experience…more so because it echoes a strong similarity to how wine is produced in some Real Life vineyards.

In addition to stomping on grapes to make wine, the Del Renee vineyards offers wine tasting opportunities to all patrons.  This tasting opportunity is cemented in emoting-based language that often emits from the wine glasses themselves.  This, along with an array of Italian themed dishes additionally creates a more organically real experience for patrons.

Del Renee CEO, Gєηєsɪs Mσяαℓєz-яεηεε™ (onlygenesis)

Like Gєηєsɪs Mσяαℓєz-яεηεε™ (onlygenesis) stated earlier, grape stomping can be a rather messy business, and if any Del Renee wine patrons feel the same way she feels, they have the option of getting their wine as soon as possible by sampling Del Renee’s own private stock of reserve wine.  This wine is made specifically for Del Renee by Diamond Meness, Founder of Special O’cassions.  Иāę Watanabe-яεηεε™ (sanaarenee) explains that because the Del Renee Vineyard is an interactive experience, it can cater to an array of occasions such as enjoying a romantic dinner for two, as well as holding a group dinner with family and friends.

Be mindful that these friends can also include SL business owners and colleagues, and can act as a perfect meeting place for conferences and other professional-based bonding opportunities.  Иāę Watanabe-яεηεε™ (sanaarenee) adds, “We get a lot of sororities who like to host bonding, vacation or receptions here…”

Del Renee Offers Yoga Classes, Other Services To Patrons….

Besides Villas to rent and Vineyards to explore, Del Renee also offers Yoga Classes to those interested.  Held every Monday at 6 pm SLT, the Del Renee Yoga classes feature DJ Obsession, as well as a slew of colorful yoga mats with delightful poses.  Because this class is heavily fueled by music, Del Renee also offers patrons a chance to bring Yoga into their Real Life homes via interacting with Second Life…not to mention with the Del Renee sim.

If you are interested in attending a Del Renee Yoga class, please feel free to purchase a ticket at the SL Marketplace by clicking here:  Del Renee Yoga. Tickets are available in limited quantities only and cost $200L per person.

In addition to Yoga classes, Del Renee also offers premium spa treatment to all patrons.  The spas at Del Renee are unique in that they are very interactive,  very low in prim….this reduces lag and makes the place even more engaging.

Interacting With Del Renee…

Surrounded by wildlife such as peacocks, deer and horses, Del Renee offers a naturally rich environment under a Tuscany-influenced back drop.  This backdrop also has an array of hidden underground grottos which, in all its serenity acts as a perfect place for a surprise romantic getaway, and can also act as a great opportunity to deepen your relationship with your significant other.

In addition to offering romantic vacations, Del Renee also acts as a perfect wedding venue that offers services to couples from all walks of life, and even caters to vacationing families.  Del Renee is also an excellent rezz day and/or birthday party venue for those that would like to bring their day of birth in style.

Yet the very essence of Del Rene lies within the individuals who run it:  Иāę Watanabe-яεηεε™ (sanaarenee) and Co-CEO Gєηєsɪs Mσяαℓєz-яεηεε™ (onlygenesis) encompass a love for one another that seemingly spills over onto the Del Renee sim.  In fact, there is so much beauty emitted between them that it makes Del Renee even more beautiful to behold.

One Love: Del Renee CEO Иāę Watanabe-яεηεε™ (sanaarenee) with CEO Gєηєsɪs Mσяαℓєz-яεηεε™ (onlygenesis)

Please take a look at the price break down below.  To book a stay at Del Renee, please contact Иāę Watanabe-яεηεε™ (sanaarenee) and/or Co-CEO Gєηєsɪs Mσяαℓєz-яεηεε™ (onlygenesis) inworld.

Also, be sure to like the Del Renee Villas Facebook page by clicking here:  Del Renee Facebook page.

Rental Property Pricing: L$1000 per day per person.

To rent out the entire villa contact Nae Renee (sanaarenee)

Dining Hours:
Monday-Sunday 6PM-9PMSLT

Bella Di Vino & Winery Dinning (Top Tier): L$500 per person
2 Tables of 8
4 Tables of 2

Bella Di Vino Dining (Middle Tier) Private Dinner:  L$1000 per couple (reservation)

Bella Di Vino (Bottom Tier):  Enjoy the joys of stomping your own grapes.

Del Renee Villas Spa Treatment: L$500 per person
Hair wash/conditioning
Foot Soak
Hair wash/conditioning

 To better understand Del Renee Villas, please take a look at the slide show below!

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