Indea Vaher Appears On the Pamela Live Show

Note:  The Pamela Live Show airs every Sunday at 3 PM SLT and aims to highlight SL Community members  who are either entertainers, own businesses, or who have made significant contributions inworld.  The Pamela Live Show also aims to showcase an array of cultures, all as a means to better educate the SL public about the SL world around them.  To view a taping of the Pamela Live Show, please feel free to teleport via the following link:  Pamela Live Show.

Indea Vaher, RL and SL artist and curator, recently made a guest appearance on the January 16, 2017 edition of “The Pamela Live Show.”  Focusing on the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday and discussing King’s relevance in today’s society, Indea Vaher affirmed that Martin Luther King Jr.’s legacy is not only relevant, but still tangible and real.

Indea Vaher, SL and RL Artist and Curator

While images of King and his wife played on the Pamela Live Show’s slide show, Vaher stressed the importance of going beyond his “I Have A Dream” speech to better understand what King was about.  King, she contends, fought for those impoverished, as well as avidly stood for the rights of disenfranchised workers.  He also was against the Vietnam War and economic disparity.

Vaher also stressed how important it is for communities to mobilize in the midst of the U.S.’s transfer of presidential power.  Now, Vaher said, is the time for communities (particularly black communities) to work toward incorporating self sufficiency techniques…all as a way of anticipating cuts in social programs and other vast changes within the U.S. Government.

To learn more about Indea Vaher and her inworld art, please contact her inworld, or via Facebook here:  Indea Vaher.

Please take a look at the Martin Luther King, Jr. themed slideshow below to get a better understanding of King’s Legacy.  Photos below feature significant quotes pertinent to King’s Legacy, and also highlight the key points made by Indea Vaher on The Pamela Live Show.

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