Diva Stone: The People’s Diva Passes Away

Diva Stone, a renowned SL singer that also specialized in sultry, story-enshrouded performances has passed away.  According to Stone’s manager Sole Starr Sσℓє’ Sтαяя Ɓσυяgєσιѕιє (Sole Starr) , Stone unexpectedly passed early yesterday morning.  Stone’s cause of death is still under investigation, but an in-world memorial service is expected.

Diva Stone specialized in singing songs that told a story; she enhanced her performances with richly worded anecdotes and colorful humor.  Specializing in Blues, Stone often made a point to personalize every performance with warm greetings and personalized hellos to all patrons who attended her performances.

Besides being a wonderful performer, Diva Stone was known to be a regal presence on the stage.  Stone’s clothing tended to be formal, yet erotic in nature, and she regularly performed at The Playboy Mansion and Club, as well as at other venues. Despite her busy schedule, she was known to take the time to talk with members of the SL press, as well as a hosts of fans and patrons that frequented her performances.

To learn more about Diva Stone, please be sure to visit her Facebook Fan page:  Miss Diva Stone.  Feel free to also listen to her perform Regina King’s “Baby Come To Me” via Sound Cloud:  Miss Diva Stone Sings Baby Come To Me.

Miss Diva Stone was not only managed by Sole Starr Sσℓє’ Sтαяя Ɓσυяgєσιѕιє (Sole Starr), she was also managed by Brock Jumanya.  According to her profile, Stone covered artists such as Etta James, Aretha Franklin, Ella Fitzgerald, Whitney Houston, Celine Dion, Nancy Wilson and many more.  Her profile also contends that Stone has performed in many live theater shows, including the Motown Reviews that took place in Detroit, MI and Atlanta, GA.

Stone, according to her inworld profile, also earned a undergraduate and Master’s Degree in Performance Art and Vocal Music, demonstrating that she worked just as hard in real life as she did in Second Life to hone her craft as an artist.

The SL Parade expresses our condolences to her SL and RL family and friends at the loss of this wonderful talent.

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