The SL Parade Talks Starts Its First Show Today…

ReRe Sandalwood, SL Parade’s Founder and Editor-In-Chief will be hosting a new talk show called The SL Parade Talks. Featured on Blast 24.7,  the show starts today at 2 PM SLT and will air every Sunday at the same time therein.  To take a look at The SL Parade Talks Studio, please click on this landmark:  The SL Parade Talks Radio Studio.

Today’s show will discuss child support; specifically, does the system legitimately work to support children and parents? Are those that need to be held accountable in helping their children truly held accountable? ReRe encourages audience participation to answer these questions, so please come with your stories, input and opinions!

ԼƛƊƳ ƤӇƠЄƝƖҲ ƁƦƖƇЄ (honinmyo), who is partnered to Ramsey S Brice (spence1963) poses with their three children…

Also, prior to the show’s first episode, there will be a Block Party to celebrate this momentous occasion.  The Block Party will feature DJ Lady P, who has specifically come out of retirement to show support for The SL Parade Talks, as well as cement her presence on Blast 24.7 Radio and will be located at the following landmark:  The SL Parade Talks Blast 24.7 Block Party.

In addition to being a fabulout neo-soul DJ, DJ Lady P (also known as ԼƛƊƳ ƤӇƠЄƝƖҲ ƁƦƖƇЄ [honinmyo] inworld), also has first hand experience with the US’s Child Support system, and will offer her input on this topic during the show as well.

The SL Parade Talks show aim is to tackle both RL and SL topics, while also offering its audience members a chance to ask questions and share opinions.

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