February 13, 2017: Club SweetCinnamon Plans To Open With A Bang!

Sometimes, it is not about the club itself, but about those that run and own it.
This was a valuable lesson The SL Parade recently learned while paying a visit to Club SweetCinnamon.  The Club, located at the Software sim, will have its Grand Opening on Monday, February 13, 2017.  SethPhillips, who acts as Club SweetCinnamon’s owner and proprietor, explains that the Club’s Grand Opening theme will be love.  “Love…” he continues, “…love will be the theme for the whole week because our aim is to make someone feel great…and feel love not only on February 13, but on February 14 too…we want our customers to feel and experience love on both these nights…”
SethPhillips with Sweet Button and cinnamon moneyweezy (mzcinnamonspice)

In agreement with SethPhillips, Sweet button, who acts as Club SweetCinnamon’s Chief of Operations adds:  “We also chose this day because we wanted to bring in Valentine’s Day with a red formal ball, where all patrons come in their red formal best…”

Club SweetCinnamon’s Red Formal Ball is one of many ways SethPhillips and his business partners plan to not only celebrate love, but to influence Club patrons to literally experience it.  In addition to participating in Club SweetCinnamon’s Red Formal Ball, one of many ways Club patrons will be empowered to experience love is by being surrounded by Club SweetCinnamon’s decor.  Sweet (sweet.button) explains, “Club SweetCinnamon is a lovely club venue…complete with a big dance floor and a nice lounge area where two or more parties can sit and chat….the Club is also surrounded by waterfalls, and is quite a lovely club that is designed for everyone’s clubbing pleasure….”
Cinnamon moneyweezy adds, when asked about Club SweetCinnamon’s location on the Software sim, “We thought [the Software sim] was a lovely location for our club, more so because it sits directly on a beach area…surrounded by water…”
Yet to better demonstrate the nuances intrisic in Club SweetCinnamon’s decor and location, Club SweetCinnamon is planning to have their Grand Opening party one day before Valentine’s Day which, in and of itself, is an impressive feat for an up and coming club.  Yet what is even more impressive is how love–in all its various nuances–will be expressed not only during Club SweetCinnamon’s Grand Opening, but also after its Grand Opening.
Love, as keenly demonstrated by the collaboration of SethPhillips, cinnamon moneyweezy (mzcinnamonspice), Sweet Button, and Jeanetta Bartx is more than physical contact and woeful romance…love is also about family working together and staying together in both RL and SL.  To better explain, Sweet Button and cinnamon moneyweezy are sisters in Real Life, and have incorporated this RL family dynamic in SL by aligning themselves as family inworld too.  Jeanetta Bartx, for instance is Sweet Button’s Real Life daughter; this, in turn makes cinnamon moneyweezy her Real Life aunt.  All of this is seamlessly translated  onto SL, bringing the saying “a family that plays together, stays together” alive, not to mention in full view for the SL community to see.
And while SethPhillips acts as a close family friend, it is important to not dismiss his role in Club SweetCinnamon’s visual representation of love.  This is because friends are often adopted as family, and in the course of this adoption, become embraced as family members chosen to become part of a family’s fold.
Further, while the notion of Real Life families playing Second Life may come across as a rare feat, it is this RL/SL family dynamic that will act as the glue to not only hold Club SweetCinnamon together, but will bring forth a solid representation of family togetherness and love within SL.  In this sense, the creation of Club SweetCinnamon has the potential to make the Second Life community stronger, moreso because it will act as a living and breathing testimony of the power of Real Life family, functioning and doing business together in a Second Life setting–all in the name of family love.
When asked the reason behind the creation of Club SweetCinnamon, Sweet Button explains, “Sethphillips, who is not only our family’s SL friend, but also the owner of Club SweetCinnamon wanted a club in SL.   However, he wanted someone to operate the club for him, so he asked Cinnamon and me to do it….and while we ran the club, he would finance everything…”
SethPhillips adds that this decision was a collaborative one.  “…well initially, it was just a thought on my part…” he explains, “…but I was wanting some type of business here on SL; in fact, the subject of a club came up while I was talking to Cinnamon Moneyweezy and Sweet Button, both of whom are two of my best friends…and found out that they had the same thoughts I had, and also had a desire to go into the Club business…we talked more about it and decided to do just that…and here we are.
This collaborative idea not only led to the creation of Club SweetCinnamon, but also to the formation of designated roles within the club.  SethPhillips explains, “Cinnamon Moneyweezy will act as Club SweetCinnamon’s Manager and will run the day to day aspects of the business, as well as be responsible for planning events…then, there is Sweet Button, who will act as the Chief of Operations as well as my Assistant; she will work with Cinnamon on planning, as well as in seeking talent for the upcoming events that we are planning to have….”
In addition, Jeanette Bartx will function as Club SweetCinnamon’s own in-house host, bringing forth stability in a newly formed venue that plans to have an array of sets and parties.  When asked how it was decided that she would function as an in-house, Bartx explains:  “My mom (sweet button) asked me to be an in-house host for the club…”
And we all know that when our mother asks us to do something, nine times out of ten we heed the call…
I.  Who Will Help Club SweetCinnamon Celebrate Its Opening…
For Club SweetCinnamon’s February 13, 2017’s Grand Opening Celebration, sweet button enthusiastically shares who will be there to bring the party to life.  She explains, “…our first DJ will be DJ Urbanking Burner & his hosts the Angels…their set will start at 4 pm SLT, and will continue until 6 pm SLT…”
“Once DJ Urbanking and The Angels complete their set…” sweet continues, “Our second DJ will be DJ MrWonderful; Club SweetCinnamon’s In-house Host Jeanetta Bartx will be there to greet guest as well, and this set will go from 6 pm SLT to 8pm SLT.
Once the Grand Opening celebration happens, the biggest question The SL Parade had was how Club SweetCinnamon planned to stay open inworld for the long haul.  SethPhillips explains, “Well, we have great events planned after the Grand Opening, and we will be announcing what these events are, as well as when they will happen…in fact, that’s the one thing my staff will show patrons…how detailed they are when it comes to the planning events, as well as the positive attitude they will bring while facilitating these events.  I think that people will become so impressed, that they will like Club SweetCinnamon very much and keep coming back to enjoy what we have to offer…”
Sweet button adds, “Its true…Clubs in SL do tend to come and go, but what we plan to do is keep our finger on the pulse of the people that love to have fun and dance…and we will always encourage patrons to let us know what we need to do to keep them happy, as well as keep them content in such a way where they will continue to enjoy Club SweetCinnamon…”
Cinnamon moneyweezy adds that the Club SweetCinnamon staff and proprietor will rely on good old fashioned hardwork to insure the success of their venue.  She explains, “Club SweetCinnamon is something we all wanted, so we will rely on hard work and perseverance because we know that in doing so, it will work out in our favor…”
If you are interested in learning more about Club SweetCinnamon, please take a look at their Facebook page by clicking here:  *~Club SweetCinnamon~*

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