Kultivate Magazine Offers All Things Art To The SL Community!

Sometimes there is more to a publication that meets the eye…

This discerning realization is especially true for Kultivate Magazine.  A publication that spearheads all things art to the SL forefront, Kultivate Magazine also offers a safe haven for inworld artists to display their works.

Kultivate Magazine Founder and proprietor John Brianna (johanness1977) explains, “…basically, we encourage creativity by having our galleries open for anyone to visit and by promoting them, too; we also work heavily to spread the word about our artist-based opportunities…99% of the sim is mesh, low lag and we made it easier for people to go around it via the paved road…” 

When asked about how long Kultivate Magazine has been in operation, John Brianna says, “We have been open for 18 months now, in June we will celebrate 2 years in Second Life.”

Brianna adds:  “We have gallery openings every month…and the magazine is realized every month on the 1st.”

He also reiterates one of many perks of Kultivate Magazine by explaining how his publication helps other artists and organizations.  “Our company…” John Brianna explains, “…provides opportunities for artists via our galleries and our magazine. We have many art exhibitions and art shows. We also support other art forms, such as theater, music, storytelling, and fashion, too…”

This, along with Kultivate Magazine’s pristine and mountainous location on the Water Haven parcel, creates a comfortable atmosphere that is readily available for SL community members.  John Brianna adds, “I am a firm believer that a location will be frequented based on how it looks and the vibe it presents; my wife (Elesren Brianna) and I wanted to create a good environment for artists and guests…”

John Brianna, Kultivate Magazine Founder and CEO

With great attention and detail given to the Kultivate Magazine’s parcel, it is fair to say that John Brianna has created a sim that acts as a comfortable environment for artists and guests.  The creation of this comfortable environment includes having sitting areas for patrons to duly reflect on the art on display.  Thus, with art as a backdrop, the sitting areas available for all patrons offer a wonderful way to comfortably gauge and admire the art that is on display. This, along with the landscaping methods featured on the Kultivate Magazine parcel were done by John Brianna himself.

Elesren Brianna, who acts as The Edge Gallery’s curator explains, “I know that encouraging the arts and artists is forefront in John’s thinking and reflected in the galleries he has (five in all if you include the Edge Gallery) …and of course the gallery/shops available to rent on the sim…”  Elesren Brianna is privy to John Brianna’s intentions because she is not only a curator on the Kultivate Magazine sim, she is also John Brianna’s RL wife and SL partner. 

Elesren Brianna also encourages SL community members to go directly to John Brianna if they have any questions about the Kultivate magazine parcel.  She explains, “I am responsible for the Edge Gallery parcel on it and can answer questions on that [but] John is probably the best person to go to, as the design of the sim is primarily up to him.”

courtesy of https://handmadewritings.com/blog/understanding-is-the-key-to-success/

II.  John Brianna Discusses Kultivate Magazine’s Key To Success

Though Kultivate Magazine offers artists rental space to display their art to SL art patrons, John explains that Kultivate Magazine would not be in a position to do any of these things without help.  He explains, when asked what he has learned while serving the SL community, “There are many things I have learned, but I think the biggest lesson is that you can’t do it all yourself.  This is beneficial because you have to trust people and delegate responsibilities or you will get burned out….”

One of many ways John Brianna delegates responsibilities is by empowering artists to spread the word about the opportunities available for all. This delegation, he contends, has been instrumental to Kultivate Magazine’s growth as a business, as well as its success.  Brianna adds that, in addition to artists spreading word about available opportunities with Kultivate Magazine, that the use of social media has also played a role in the magazine’s success.  He continues, “Our social media/marketing coordinator Jessi is just awesome when it comes to pr/marketing…she has really grown our social media websites…”

John Brianna with Elesren Brianna

Besides delegation and relying on social media as a platform to spread the word about Kultivate Magazine, John Brianna is also interested in continually hosting events on the Kultivate Magazine parcel; these events are also meant to encourage SL community members to not only appreciate the art featured, but to become actively engaged in it too. Brianna explains:  “This year, we really want to narrow down our events and pinpoint times of the year that are busy for all of the populations we serve. We have opened up a new gallery called Kultivate Select…this is a themed gallery; we have also reopened the Bailywick Gallery…this gallery presents an array of black and white images.  We are accomplishing our goals by planning ahead and taking data from last year to plan out our year and events…”

In additon to the creation of new galleries and the use of social media platforms, Kultivate Magazine also aligns itself with other businesses.  Brianna explains, “We are fortunate to have several media and business partners. Our media partners are AIM/ModelS Magazine, The SL Enquirer, MadPea Productions, The Miss SL Organization, and Virtual Diva. Not to mention The SL Parade! We do link sharing and provide free ads to these organizations. We support many charities. Team Diabetes of Second Life is our main charity and I am honored to serve as coordinator of this charity. We also support Feed A Smile, Rock Your RAck (The National Breast Cancer Foundation), and we used to work with Creations For Parkinsons….”

All of this and more creates opportunities not only for Kultivate Magazine, but for other businesses too.  But with all these accomplishments and more, John Brianna does have one thing he wishes he could do, and that is to do a feature article on an artist that is no longer with us.  He continues, “I would love to feature any famous artist that is no longer with us, and have that artist explain their art and methods, etc.”

Team Diabetes of SL was founded by John Brianna…

And while this dream may very well be on the horizon, Kultivate Magazine has done an excellent job of not only spotlighting SL artists, but in keeping up with other artist that have been previously featured in Kultivate Magazine.  When asked about the first cover story done by Kultivate Magazine, John Brianna explains:  “I have to say that for our first issue we approached artist Bryn Oh to be [the subject] our featured article and to also be on Kultivate Magazine’s cover. I did not expect her to say yes, because Kultivate magazine was, after all…a new publication…but she did and has returned for another follow up interview, too.”  Bryn Oh has continued her involvement with Kultivate Magazine by not only doing follow up interviews, but by featuring her art at an array of Kultivate Magazine sponsored showcases and displays.

III.  Other Kultivate Magazine Perks

Besides an array of art and a beautiful mountainous backdrop, one thing worth noting is Kultivate Magazine’s Restaurant IvannaElesren Brianna explains that this restaurant was created to encourage more traffic on the sim.  “This…” Elesren Brianna continues, “…translates to more visibility for the artists on top of our regular advertising and opening events etc….”

John Brianna adds, “I created [Restaurant Ivanna] so that people can take their dates somewhere nice, have a meeting or just chill…[in fact,] I can pop on anytime and see dates there…and its all 100% free…”
Restaurant Ivanna, complete with its red and white checkered table clothes and sturdy wooden chairs, adds another favorable dimension to a sim that encompasses beauty and enjoyment for all patrons.  With swing music providing a romantic backdrop, this restaurant is particularly appealing to SL community members interested in taking their significant other out for Valentines Day.  John Brianna elaborates:  “…we will have some really cheap bouquets that people can buy for their dates…in case they can’t afford it…complete with a free dress and a tuxedo…while the restaurant is self service, anyone can book the restaurant for an event, more so if we know ahead of time…and it is 100% free…”
Whimsical gestures and romance aside, Kultivate Magazine’s parcel is an excellent place for not only artists, but for all SL community members, too.  To take a look at what Kultivate Magazine has to offer, The SL Parade suggests you first visit the magazine’s website.  To do so, please click here:  Kultivate Magazine.
Kultivate Magazine also has a Facebook page, so feel free to not only like the page, but to check it out as well by clicking the following link:  Kultivate Magazine’s Facebook page.

Some other Kultivate Magazine sources are as follows:

Kultivate Magazine at Google Plus

Kultivate Magazine on Twitter

Kultivate Magazine on Tumbler

If you are interested in learning more about Kultivate Magazine’s available Artist Opportunities, please visit the following link for exhibition opportunities:  Artist Opportunities.

If you are looking for artistic fashion info, please pay a visit to The Edge by clicking on the following link:  The Edge Gallery.

Last but not least, please feel free to stop by Windlight Art Gallery by clicking on the following link: Windlight Art Gallery at Water Haven.


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