The SL Parade Talks Show Is Cancelled for Today

Bobby Shields

Good morning everyone. As you may know, SL Community member Bobby Shields passed away last week. To pay homage to his legacy, The SL Parade Talks Show will be canceled for today. In lieu of this cancellation, an hour’s worth of music will play on the stream in honor of Bobby Shields.

The show will resume its program next Sunday, February 19, 2017 at 2 pm SLT. In the meantime, please find the SL Parade Talks stream address (attached). This address will enable you to listen to all future shows. Audience members will be able to call in as well, so I will provide The SL Parade Talks phone number next week.
As an SL Community member, Shields was very active in the TGF Motorcycle Group, and would regularly frequent Hot Buttered Soul.  Though, at times, Shields could be viewed as rather quiet and stoic; he had a wonderful sense of humor and was very active in the SL community.

As mentioned earlier, there will be an hour’s worth of music played in dedication to Bobby Shields memory.  The SL Parade expresses its condolences to all those that not only knew Shields, but also to those that have been impacted by his untimely death.

The SL Parade Talks Stream (courtesy of Honeydew Radio):

Author: ReRe Sandalwood

Single mom of one child in Real Life. In Second Life, I function as the Editor-In-Chief of The SL Parade, where I regularly write about all things RL and SL. I also own land inworld, and have created a space designed to encourage comfort and relaxation.

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