Ride or Die Motors: Bringing A Spin To The SL Grid!

American Race Car Driver Dale Earnhardt once said, “Its a never ending battle of making your cars better and also trying to be better yourself” (Brainyquotes.com).  Though Earnhardt died on February 18, 2001, this quote still resonates with many who devote their lives to building, racing and driving cars.

乃 ïg Š к ïק (skippie1.lemon) sits on the left, while SLP Editor-In-Chief ReRe Sandalwood does a special voice interview to better understand Ride or Die Motors…

乃 ïg Š к ïק (skippie1.lemon) is one such person that not only dedicates himself to building, racing and driving cars in Real Life, but has also dedicated himself to bringing his love for cars to Second Life as well.  As owner and proprietor of Ride or Die Motors, skippie1 lemon (Skip) not only hails from Detroit, Michigan’s West Side (which, as we all know, is also known as the ‘Motor City’ because it is home of the three biggest auto industries in the nation), he also hails from a background that believes in strong customer service.  In operation since September 2016, Skip recognizes that, although his business is a relatively new one, Ride or Die Motors is handled by Real Life professionals capable of providing in-depth knowledge about all things related to cars.  He explains, “Although we are a new business, we are definitely not your average car dealers…..we offer hospitality and great service to go along with quality cars.”

That hospitality and great service includes interacting with an owner that is not only personable, but very skilled in all things related to RL and SL vehicles.  One of many skills Skip relies on is customization, where he will willingly create a custom made vehicles for customers.  No matter if it is a unique paint job, or a one of a kind engine, Skip will gladly create a vehicle solely for the customer’s enjoyment.  Yet, this customization came to him at an early age.

One of many custom made cars created by Ride or Die Motors…

He explains, “I have liked cars ever since I was little…and have worked on cars my whole life…”  Because he loves cars so much, he personally built his own car garage in world.  Skip adds, “Yeah, I have a huge mansion that I love, but I love being in my garage…its my favorite place to be….”

When asked why he began to create cars in-world, Skip says that his motivation actually came from a bad customer service experience he had in-world, and it was because of that experience that he decided to expand his love for cars by building them in-world.

Yet in order to transfer his love for cars to Second Life, Skip had to learn how to effectively build in-world vehicles from the ground up.  Though a seemingly difficult feat, Skip was able to learn from another builder.  This, in turn allowed him to translate his Real Life love for cars in-world.  Skip continues, “I learned everything from a man that wrote out instructions on how to strengthen my skills as an in-world builder…I usually hate writing and reading IM’s in-world, but what he did helped me out a lot….so much so that I paid him $5000 for the information he shared with me…”

This, along with encouragement from a previous girlfriend, added fuel to an already determined fire that seemed to only burn brighter within Skip.  Yet besides having a love for cars, Skip was also interested in implementing his love for great customer service in Ride or Die Motors, too.  He explains, “I named Ride or Die Motors after a real life organization of the same name…the real life group is actually a race car club located on the West Side of Detroit….and ’cause I named my business after this real life group from Detroit, I want to show all things positive about Ride or Die Motors…I just do me, and try to cater to a person the way I would want to be catered to…”

Skip adds, “…I was raised to be respectful…brought up in church and all that stuff, so I respect all people…unless they show me something that I can’t respect…”

To get the word out about Ride or Die Motors, Skip relies on word of mouth and friends.  Because he has such a generous spirit, it is this spirit that also helps in spreading the word too.  However, he is also game to using competition to get the word out about his vehicles.  He explains, “I was recently in a car show…and the car show took place at Urban Chaos, which is an in-world role play sim.  The car show was competitive in nature but it also gave Ride or Die Motors exposure…I don’t remember what place I earned in the competition but I did have a lot of fun…and got the word out about my business, too…”

Yet, all competitive bravado aside, Ride or Die relies on personalization.  With this in mind, please contact 乃 ïg Š к ïק (skippie1.lemon) inworld or on Facebook at BigSkip Lemon.

Please take a look at the attached slide show to see some of Ride or Die Motor vehicles.  All vehicles were designed by 乃 ïg Š к ïק (skippie1.lemon)!

[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”44″ gal_title=”Ride or Die Motors”]


Note:  The SL Parade would like to thank ReneeLove Wolf for referring us to Ride or Die Motor vehicles.  Her involvement enabled ReRe Sandalwood to not only interview 乃 ïg Š к ïק (skippie1.lemon), but to also learn more about Ride or Die Motors.





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