Pose Ball Diaries: ReRe Sandalwood Finds Unwanted Guests At The SL Parade Headquarters

ReRe Sandalwood pins a first person narrative centering on her discovery of unwanted visitors at The SL Parade’s Headquarters.  The Headquarters is not only where ReRe does most of her work for The SL Parade, it is also where her and her brother live…

Though The SL Parade’s Headquarters also doubles up as a home for my brother and I, I decided to open up our home to the public. I primarily did this to not only encourage the public to donate, but also as a way to create a more homey, customer friendly place where others can feel comfortable.  Rather they come to drop off a story, write, swim, or just have dinner, I figured that opening my brother and I’s home was a great way to give back to the community The SL Parade serves.

Although the property has been open to the public for some time now, it initially seemed as if visitors rarely came to The SL Parade’s Headquarters.  I was content with that, because I knew all things take time.  However, upon my appearance on the Pam Live Show on February 19, 2017, visits began to pick up in an unexpected way.

The first unexpected way that visitors came upon The SL Parade Headquarters were as griefers.  Specifically, my brother was shot in the living room area of our home while watching television.  He wrote about what happened, so if you want the specific details, please go to the following link:  Who the f#$k Shot Vp Sandalwood?

Yet, another unexpected visitation occurred while I was at home editing my brother’s essay.  I had just rezzed in, and immediately saw two names that I did not recognize; they were about 56 meters away from me, so I immediately got excited and wanted to know where they were so I could help them in whatever way that I could.  At any rate, I zoomed in on them, and saw that they were up in my brother’s bed having sex.

I immediately lost my temper; I thought to myself, “Shit, I have never had sex in my house…who the f%#k they think they are?!”  Yet in the midst of losing my temper, I was rational enough to take an incriminating picture of them together, as well as get their full names and profiles before I ejected and banned them. I gave them no warning at all either, so they were still naked when I ejected and banned them.

To add insult to injury, they didn’t even bother to donate to The SL Parade!  I mean, really…how are you gonna use someone’s home and place of business for your own carnal purposes, then turn around and not even tip the venue where you got your rocks off at? That pissed me off to no end so I am putting both of them on blast:  Vitorfr Resident and мэℓเรรล (themaree).

I even got in both of their inboxes and said the following:

My headquarters is not meant to be used for sexual purposes…if you have a story or something like that, i am happy to help you with that but don’t come up in here having sex in my house

мэℓเรรล (themaree), the young lady that was recently ejected and banned from the SL Parade Headquarters…

While мэℓเรรล (themaree) never responded, Vitorfr Resident did.  This is what he said:

[22:09] Vitorfr Resident: i don’t know that this place are your house
[22:09] Vitorfr Resident: but ok
[22:09] ℛᴇℛᴇ Sandalwood (rere.sandalwood): well you know now
[22:10] Vitorfr Resident: i will respect your house
[22:10] ℛᴇℛᴇ Sandalwood (rere.sandalwood): you are banned so that is respect enough…I open my home for my publication, not for that
[22:11] Vitorfr: ok men
[22:11] Vitorfr: i just don’t knew
[22:11] Vitorfr: i will never go there again
[22:11] ℛᴇℛᴇ Sandalwood (rere.sandalwood): good
[22:11] Vitorfr: final conversation
[22:11] Vitorfr: good night

Just so everyone knows, my name is specifically mentioned as the land owner in the land’s description section.  For this reason, I suspect that Vitorfr knew who house it was, but simply did not care.  I would even go a step further and say that he looked at my venue as probably the cheapest way to get his rocks off with мэℓเรรล (themaree) because he was too cheap to get one of those 60L skyboxes.  After all, my brother and I often came across pose balls that seemed to have mysteriously been used while neither of us were home.

I say all of that to say this:  I now have the security on at The SL Parade’s Headquarters, and will only turn it off when I am having parties or facilitating classes. If you would like to reach me, please feel free to reach me inworld at ℛᴇℛᴇ Sandalwood (rere.sandalwood); I can also be reached at reresandalwood@theslparade.org or via Facebook at either Arreba Sandalwood or The SL Parade’s page.

The SL Parade is still here to serve the community, but it is fair to say that we now have to establish appropriate boundaries to insure that the home my brother and I share is treated with respect.

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