Who the F#$k Shot VP Sandalwood?

VP Sandalwood discusses the day he got shot in Second Life…

On February 20 2017, I was standing in The SL Parade Headquarters living room, minding my own business.  I remember being a tad bit annoyed because it was President’s Day, and thinking to myself, “Sheesh, this is more like ‘Celebrity President’s Day’ because of Trump being in office.”  Anyway, I decided to distract myself from said national holiday by listening to some music on Youtube. 

Vp Sandalwood stands in the area where the griefing took place…

I began to relax, and even sing along…that is, until my sister ReRe IM’d me.  She got in my box and told me to friend one of her sl friends; I remember feeling honored by my sister’s request because I know how important her SL buddies/business partners are, so I happily added the suggested avatar…which meant that I now had a new friend to talk to.

I was still trying to relax though, so I continued to listen to the music playing on The SL Parade Headquarters Youtube screen.  Then, all of a sudden, there were two random avatars standing in the living room! I had never met, nor heard of neither the male avatar standing in front of me, let alone the female one that was standing beside him.  While I know The SL Parade Headquarters is open to the public, I never expected anyone to rezz directly in front of me while I was watching Youtube.

For this reason, I initially dismissed their presence as being part of the video I was watching….until they started to independently move away from the screen.  I continued to stand there in disbelief, wanting to convince myself that my eyes were playing tricks on me.  

One of the griefers that invaded The SL Parade’s Headquarters…

As they continued to move in a haphazard fashion, a million emotions began to baffle me. Like, who the hell were these avis, and how did they get in with the security system up? Though my emotions were going haywire, it didn’t matter at that moment because then, they started talking to each other! 

Still in shock, all I could say was, “What are you doing in my house?!” I then froze and stayed silent,  but was still slightly curious, not to mention a bit infuriated by their presence. 

It felt as if two minutes had went by as I continued to stare at them, but in actuality it was really about 10 seconds because, within that 10 seconds, the male avatar SHOT ME! I didn’t initially realize what had happened until I saw that there was a splatter of red stuff all over the carpet and on the walls.

In the meantime, I continued to stand there, completely confused by what I was seeing.  However, I still managed to take a slight step back and was able to better see the red stains on the carpet.  It was then that it finally dawned on me:  OMG that is supposed to be MY BLOOD! 

Yet despite being shot, my initial calmness related to the realization of what had happened instantly turned to PURE RAGE.  I thought to myself, “I was just shot in my own sim!”

I then locked my attention on the male avatar, and remembered what ReRe told me a few weeks prior:  I have the ability to eject avatars from our home and ban them from ever coming back.  I initially doubted my own ability to do this, and asked myself, “….but how? I have never done this before!”  Yet somehow, I thought quickly and clicked on the avatar.  With I sigh of relief, I noticed that there was an option to eject him in what seemed like a blink of an eye.  It was then that I proceeded to eject him first by pressing that handy ejection button.  I smiled as I watched his avatar disappear from the sim, and even began to do a mental “happy dance” as evidence of my accomplishment.

I then turned to the male avatar’s female partner in crime; I initially paused for a moment because I realized that while yes, she was this guy’s partner and all, but she had not attempted to shoot me like that male avatar did.  That thought must have went through my head for a split second though, because I still ejected her in the same way that I ejected her partner.

Once I kicked and banned them both, the horror and anger slowly began to fade away…not totally, but just enough so that I could regroup my thoughts and alert my SL sister about what had just occurred.

In the end, I realized how precious life is, because a situation like that could very well happen in Real Life, too:  like me, a person could be chilling out, minding their own business in their own home watching television.  Then, with no warning, criminals can simply bust in and kill you for no legitimate reason at all.

Life is precious and what I hope that if you are reading this, that you will take a moment and tell the people in your life that you love them. This might be SL, but I still take the time to tell ReRe how much I care about her…with her big-headed self.

Vp Sandalwood and ReRe Sandalwood…

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