ReRe Sandalwood: A Party-filled Trip Down The Quiet Storm Show’s Memory Lane!

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There is an old saying in SL:  “If you have not crashed at least once during a party, then it was not a good party to begin with…” Well, if this saying is true, then the WKSK The Heat and Oasis Entertainment’s 10 year anniversary celebration of The Quiet Storm was definitely phenomenal!

Held at Oasis Island, the party featured throw back SL furniture and a Club setting reminiscent of The Quiet Storm’s humble 2007 beginnings.  And…while there were a few crashes, everyone had a terrific time reminiscing and dancing the night away.  Some poignant memories discussed included how The Quiet Storm Show began, as well as how The Quiet Storm Show was instrumental to the creation of WKSK The Heat’s radio station.

Chilly Cummings and Sweetnezz Cummings (mzsweetnezz4u.laval)


According to Chilly Cummings wife, Sweetnezz Cummings (mzsweetnezz4u.laval), Chilly Cummings has done the Quiet Storm Show at Oasis Island since 2007.  “Chilly…” Sweetnezz Cummings asserts, “….has done a Quiet Storm show at Oasis for 10 yrs…”

Besides discussing the longevity of The Quiet Storm Show, one great tidbit that Sweetnezz Cummings (mzsweetness4u.laval) also shared was that The Quiet Storm Show at Oasis Island had been around prior to the creation of WKSK.   “WKSK…” explains Sweetnezz, “…has been in operation for 9 yrs, so the radio station is younger than The Quiet Storm Show by a year…”

Sweetnezz Cummings continues:  “…originally Chilly and a close friend of ours was with another radio station. Chilly has always wanted his own radio station. After he and a close friend left the other radio station, Chilly decided he wanted to start his own. He and I discussed it with two of our closest SL and RL friends, and agreed we wanted to move forward with the idea….”

WKSK’s Original Owners, according to Sweetnezz Cummings (mzsweetness4u.laval) were as follows: Feelino Paine, Shawnta Mills, Chilly Cummings, and MzSweetnezz4U Laval.

II.  10 Years of Poignant Memories with The Quiet Storm

Jana Fleming, WKSK Manager

When asked about the most poignant memory related to WKSK, BlackBeethoven (case.bouvier) said, “Well, I remember WKSK’s DJ Chilly, and his many sets…and his funny game of ‘Guess The Name of a Song’ that no one could ever guess….”  As  BlackBeethoven (case.bouvier) gleefully laughs at one of many poignant memories shared, he casually shared that he and his original avatar have been inworld since 2006.  As he continued to laugh, BlackBeethoven (case.bouvier) surprisingly said, “So lawd, that’s 11 years…”

III.  Jana Fleming:  A Mutual Poignant Memory (and person) Shared

Besides reflecting on Chilly Cummings’ DJ’ing skills and “Name that song” game, BlackBeethoven (case.bouvier) also reminisced on just how Jana Fleming played, and continues to play an integral part in WKSK The Heat’s legacy and business endeavors.  BlackBeethoven explains, “Man, I love that woman LOL!  I have known her for a looong time…she is special, and you can tell her I said that with a snicker LOL…”

ORIGINALMAN (originalman2000.yates) adds, “Chilly and the crew are doing a great job…and Jana is a very very integral part of this thing as well…she is a super person…”

Jana, along with Derrick Stewart and Constance Stewart regularly work together to not only plan events like The Quiet Storm at Oasis Island anniversary party, but to plan events and services facilitated by the River Of Life Church and ministry located on Oasis Island as well.

BlackBeethoven (case.bouvier)

Yet all behind the scenes work aside, Jana Fleming was really flattered by the positive affirmations received by individuals like ORIGINALMAN (originalman2000.yates) and BlackBeethoven (case.bouvier).  In fact, upon hearing their positive affirmations, Jana smiled and admitted to helping Derrick and Constance Stewart plan WKSK The Heat’s 10 Anniversary party.  “Yeah….” Jana admits, “…I organized it along with Derrick and Connie…I’ve been WKSK’s The Heat station manager for years…”

When asked how many years, Jana explains:  “…8 or 9 years…I still have a note card I did for them from 2008…”

When asked what her most poignant WKSK The Heat’s memory is, Jana said, “The most memorable experience is when the owner (of WKSK The Heat) and his wife became my parents….and I was honored to attend their RL wedding a few years ago…”  When asked how Chilly Cummings and Sweetnezz Cummings (mzsweetness4u.laval) met, Cummings explains, “…they met on paltalk, then came to SL…then got married [in RL]”

IV.  Memories Created Anew at The Quiet Storm’s 10 Year Anniversary Party

Monrocie Ponte-Core (monrocie.pontecorvo), one of many patrons of The Quiet Storm’s 10th Anniversary Celebration…

All walks down memory lane aside, it is also important to note that a ton of memories were created at The Quiet Storm’s 10 Year Anniversary Party Celebration.  When asked what the most memorable thing was about The Quiet Storm 10 Year Anniversary Party Celebration, Jana Fleming said, “…it was great seeing all the people come out who have attended the Quiet Storm over the years…”

BlackBeethoven (case.bouvier) adds, when asked the same question: “I just got here, but let me say…looking around this room, I see years of wonderful memories and friends…I feel I have had for a lifetime…”

In contrast to Blackbeethoven (case.bouvier) and Jana Fleming, ORIGINALMAN (originalman2000.yates) gave a compelling answer when asked what the most memorable thing was about The Quiet Storm 10 Year Anniversary Party Celebration.  He said, “The best thing about this party….is you (ReRe Sandalwood)…then the togetherness of the group because these are fine people…I have been in SL for a while, and every time I come back, I am welcomed back as a friend…”

And considering that, when The Quiet Storm Show started in 2007, the average avatar had skin that looked like clay and stiff-moving AO’s, one impressive memory that will be talked about for some time to come is how much everyone’s avatar has changed…or perhaps not changed much. BlackBeethoven (case.bouvier), for instance, proudly proclaimed, “…and I still don’t use mesh…and I am still clay LOL…I have put lots of work into this avi though…and even stole beethoven’s hair LOL…”

It makes one wonder how, when The Quiet Storm Show at Oasis Island throws their 20 year anniversary party, how the avatars of SL will look in the year 2037…yet all wondering aside, it was plainly easy to see the camaraderie and fellowship shared at this momentous celebration.

Please take a look at the slide show below:

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