The SL Parade: Come Celebrate Our Grand Reopening!

This is an exciting time for The SL Parade, moreso because we will be having our Grand Reopening Celebration Party on Saturday, March 18, 2017 from 12 Noon SLT – 2 PM SLT!

Falbala Fairey, The SL Parade’s Grand Reopening DJ…

The SL Parade is also honored to have DJ Falbala Staheli (falbala.fairey) act as our Grand Reopening DJ!  Hailing from Germany, Falbala has been actively DJ’ing since 2008, and loves when others enjoy the music she shares.  The SL Parade recently caught up with Falbala, and when we asked her what her favorite thing was about DJ’ing she said, “I love taking my listeners on a trip full of emotions…all as a way to enjoy music on a different level…”

In addition, The SL Parade would like to not only introduce Justcallme Egipt as the acting host of this event, but also announce that Egipt has recently been hired as The SL Parade’s Event Coordinator.  As Event Coordinator, Egipt’s responsibilities include maintaining ReRe Sandalwood’s schedule, as well as plan and logistically coordinate all SL Parade events and activities. In terms of ReRe Sandalwood’s schedule, Egipt is sincerely needed because ReRe has become quite busy and needs to make sure she attends events scheduled inworld.

Because The SL Parade has had some challenges with the inappropriate use of its Headquarters, the Headquarters had to be temporally shut it down.  During this shut down process, readers may have noticed that no stories were posted on The SL Parade’s website; this was due, in large part due to restructuring efforts implemented to not only create a wider and more interactive parcel, but to also implement a new security-based protocol.  In terms of the latter, VP Sandalwood will now act as security for The SL Parade, and will actively oversee our newly remodeled parcel.

Justcallme Egipt (right) talks to ReRe Sandalwood on The SL Parade’s Red Carpet…

The SL Parade’s mission is to create an interactive parcel that emphasizes fellowship and education.  These two staples also act as the basis of showing that there is a firm connection between Second Life and Real Life.  Thus, with this mission and changes in mind, The SL Parade also introduces its new Kiosk; this kiosk is an interactive one, allowing patrons to animate their avatars and look as if they are reading a copy of The SL Parade!  Created by Aphrodite Shop, this kiosk offers patrons a menu of options.  These options include getting an SL Parade Headquarters landmark, as well as getting a Contributing Writers application and an invite to join The SL Parade’s inworld group.

If you join The SL Parade’s inworld group using the Kiosk, The Aphrodite Shop will give you a free gift!  All this and more will be featured at The SL Parade’s Grand Reopening Celebration party, so please be sure to come by and ENJOY what The SL Parade has to offer.  The party’s location is as follows, so please click here to get to The SL Parade’s Red Carpet…complete with a video camera and our on the scene host and reporter!

And please, do not forget to donate…without you, there would be no SL Parade!  Here is a breakdown of the upcoming party:

The SL Parade Invites YOU to our Grand Re-Opening Party!
➦ ωнat: The SL Parade’s Grand Re-Opening Celebration
➦ ωнєη: ℳαʀcɦ ➀➇, ➁◎➀➆, 12:00 Noon SLT – 2:00 PM SLT
➦ ωнσ:  The SL Parade Editor and Staff!
➦ ωнєяє: The SL Parade Headquarters
➦ нσstess: Justcallme Egipt, SLP Event Coordinator

The SL Parade is honored to have Dj Falbala Staheli (falbala.fairey) act as our Grand Re-Opening DJ! Falbala has been dj’ing since 2008, and loves when others enjoys the music she shares.  She explains, “I love taking them on a trip full of emotions to enjoy music again on a different level…”
☢ Attire: Sexy as you want to be (casual to formal)

To get a sneak peak at The SL Parade’s Headquarters, please look at the slide show below!

[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”50″ gal_title=”new sl parade”]

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