ReRe Sandalwood’s Position on Cyber Bullying

When folks argue with another person with the intent to hurt them on Facebook, that is not fighting….that is cyber bullying. If people feel the need to gang up on one person via the internet and degrade their character in the process, they are not making themselves look better, they are making themselves look insecure and ratchet.

I have one SL brother, one SL nephew and an SL FB daughter, and I have asked all of them to not publicly interact with those who are trying to cyber bully me. All I ask is, rather than argue with this mob, to report them. This will aid in building a paper trail against them and as they continue to do this to others (because they will, trust me), Facebook and other websites therein will see a pattern. That way, if things get physically violent in RL because of these posts…even if a person tries to kill themselves because of the bullying…there will be ample documentation to incriminate the perpetrators.

Like my beliefs centering around addiction, I believe cyber bullying in all its forms is wrong. Now, while I have told off quite a few of these folks in a way that can be deemed ratchet too, I am telling all of you now that as of today, going thug on them on my end will stop. I will be reporting, documenting and showing my evidence to police if it warrants it. I suggest that you all do the same on not only my behalf but on the behalf of others. I am smarter, better and stronger than all of those people that tried to suppress me. Further, I will continue to stand firm in my beliefs and I hold no shame in who I am nor the life I lead because I live for God, my son and myself. Plus, my RL is too vibrant to solely dwell on how I am treated on the internet.

Please share my status if you are inclined to, and report anyone that you see cyber bullying another person. If the person a group is talking about is “wrong,” there is no need to gang up on one person and call them names, tell them to kill themselves in traffic, nor threaten them.

And remember, this was all caused by ONE PERSON and has spiraled into an even huger mess than before. I am going to lay this on the table now, and if folks continue to come for me, I will be documenting and compiling my evidence.

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