All About Ava Jhamin: CEO and Founder of L’Amour Productions

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Is it possible to make an RL living in SL?  For many, the answer would be a resounding “YES!”

One of many voices who can avidly attest to the possibility of making an RL living in SL is Ava Jhamin.  Ava Jhamin is the founding CEO of L’Amour Productions–a company that actually act as an umbrella organization for four different companies.  Jhamin explains, “I have L’Amour Productions which oversees all of the other companies.  Then I have L’Amour University of Fashion, L’Amour Diversity Magazine, L’Amour Mr. & Miss Model International which is a yearly competition for men and for the ladies who can represent who they are in world, and there is no voice verify requirement like others, and we open our competition to contestants from other countries etc….and last but not least, L’Amour Productions has the Pazzo Style Challenge, which we are just going to be doing our 36th Pazzo.”

Ava Jhamin, Owner and CEO of L’Amour Productions

According to the L’Amour Productions press release given to The SL Parade, L’Amour Pazzo Style Challenge is a monthly style challenge that is held the first Saturday of every month.  This style challenge allows participants to compare their styling skills to their peers, as well as act as a learning experience via constructive criticism.

In contrast, the Mr. & Miss Model International competition is done on a yearly basis, and empowers participants to fully represent their best avatar self.  “Our goal…” according to the press release, “…is to celebrate the uniqueness of each of us…We invite all to participate, as this competition is open to anyone in SL…regardless of schooling or lack thereof.  If you reside in SL, you are welcome to be a part of our competition…and there is No voice verification because we want YOU TO BE YOU!!!”

II.  What To Visually Expect at L’Amour Productions

Besides offering an array of competitions for SL community members, L’Amour Productions also offers SL community members a quaint atmosphere that centers around all things elegant and fashion oriented.  The L’Amour Productions’ head quarters for instance, was custom built.  Jhamin explains, “From the Walls, to the ceilings, everything was built per my request and input….”  To better illustrate this claim, Jhamin encouraged The SL Parade to look up at the building’s ceiling.

Upon looking up, the naked eye can plainly see carefully designed marble.  This marble is complimented with a red velvet curtained backdrop.  Jhamin explained that, prior to building her headquarters, she had a dream that featured the very imagery previously described.  This dream was so poignant to her that she decided to incorporate what she dreamed about at the L’Amour Productions’ headquarters.

The L’Amour headquarters, which is located at the Liberty Island sim, can be reached if you click here:  L’Amour headquarters.  Ava Jhamin, when asked how long her business has thrived at Liberty Island, explains:  ‘I have been here on Liberty Island for about 1 year and on previous land for about 3 years.”

When asked how the L’Amour Productions name came about, Jhamin explains that the name came from a lot of pain. She continues, “I was dating an Italian man at the time when I decided upon the name.  In Italian, L’Amour means ‘Of Love,’ and that is what all of my brands are about…”

III. Motivation Behind Creating L’Amour Productions

When asked how long L’Amour Productions has been in operation, Ava Jhamin says that L’Amour opened its doors in October 2012.  “Prior to that….” she continues, “…L’Amour Productions was called Exclusive Modeling Agency and Academy…”

Yet length of operation aside, the motivation behind the creation of L’Amour Productions is a very powerful one.  Jhamin explains, “I think for me, all of my companies were started because of the injustice I saw on the grid…I have been a witness to favoritism, not to mention rigged competitions, and people who simply think that they can bully others.  For these reasons, I wanted models to feel a sense of safety…a sense of home at L’Amour.  There are no judgements here…all we ask is that all models express a willingness to work hard and give it their all…in turn, I give 110% support in all of their endeavors.”

Ava Jhamin also began to realize that SL models needed support after they completed their modeling class requirements.  Because she functions inworld as a model herself, Jhamin contends, “Even as a model myself, I saw that going to school and getting a certificate was where it all ended….I wanted a mentor to help me throughout my career as a model, as well as a good support system in place to insure that I could be successful…”

For this reason, Jhamin has incorporated a closely monitored mentor process at L’Amour University.  Ava Jhamin states, “As far as with L’Amour…once a person enters L’Amour, their instructors are there for them for life.  So we will always mentor students that go through L’Amour…”

Jhamin also has a no discrimination policy as it pertains to her university.  She continues, “I have seen a lot of changes in the industry, with pay for models, as well as voice verification in competitions not being done anymore.  I don’t care who you are behind the screen–if your a male, but are inworld as a female–then that is who you are.”

Because of her belief in helping others, Ava Jhamin believes in supporting models even if they decide not to attend L’Amour University.  “I am always helping people because it’s my nature to do it….” she says, then continues:  “…as long as the people I help don’t get carried away with taking advantage of my kindness, and as long as they dedicate themselves to enrolling in someone’s modeling school, then I will continue to offer my support.”

Ava Jhamin’s position on helping others stems from her belief that she distinguishes herself from the competition.  She explains, “I don’t feel truly that I have competitors and I will always help any agency, school, or model because that is how I roll.”

In terms of what Ava Jhamin likes best about her chosen SL endeavors, she tells The SL Parade:  “I love when ladies or men come to model, and see that….by the end of their training…that they have found themselves in the process.  In fact, I would say 90% of my job is in making all the models I see realize just how amazing they really are. I don’t judge like most; I love and feel that I give all a chance…but mess with me and mine and there might be lighting striking you down!”

In terms of what she likes least about her SL endeavors, Jhamin explains:  “I least like all the petty, jealous, bitter and nasty people I have come across on the grid.  However, I learned a long time ago from my mentor, Lacie Beningborough that you will have haters…..And for me, that is on them because I don’t hate.  I feel like this…’Why can’t we all just get along?’  Yet, I also know that I have no control over the behavior of others, nor over what they do or say, but that I do have control over myself….I feel strongly that, ‘Those that know me know, and those that don’t will lean toward lies and gossip’…but again, that is all on them.”

IV. Business Goals and What’s Ahead For L’Amour Productions

Besides mentoring budding models and helping agencies and schools, Ava Jhamin feels that she has accomplished alot.  “I have accomplished all my goals set forth thus far…” she states, then continues:  “I think if you have a business on Second Life, you have to set goals just like in real life.  I want a fair and fun modeling industry without all the backstabbing.  I might never change, but at least models can see a different way of doing things through L’Amour.”

When asked about her plans for L’Amour Productions in the future, Ava Jhamin looks wide-eyed in astonishment, then says, “Oh lawd, I can’t look that far ahead…Real life always comes first, but I will keep doing what I do with integrity, as well as with loyalty to my staff and models…from there, we will see what lies ahead.”

Yet, judging by all the SL career-oriented hats Ava Jhamin wears, it is fair to say that she will continue to work with other businesses.  In fact, when to name the businesses she has aligned herself with, she says:  “I am a blogger, and function as a blogger manager for Chop Zuey and for B. Barbie.  I also blog for about 150 designers, and I have amazing relationships with designers of all kinds on the grid….”

She contends that because L’Amour Productions recently began branching out, that she has had the pleasure of cultivating even more relationships with other businesses.  “…even meeting ReRe Sandalwood at the Pam Live show offered an amazing start to a great friendship and business partnership….We are always growing and expanding…”

Jhamin also wants everyone to know that she is planning to create a new course aimed at training judges to better access modeling and other kinds of competition.  Shaking her head, Ava Jhamin says, “I see a lot of judges out there that just are simply unqualified to judge, and I want to help change that, so let’s see what happens…”

Please take a look at the slide show below:

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