The Hangout: More Than A Place To Park Your Avatar

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Whether to demonstrate our fashion prowess or escape from Real Life, many of us come to Second Life for a myriad of reasons.  Yet, what if one of those reasons involves the desire to encourage others to not only network, but to help one another too?

Edward Travis, The Hangout Proprietor and Founder

As if this question were posed directly to Edward Travis (known as Travis Suave inworld), he dutifully answers it via the creation of The Hangout. While The Hangout is a place for SL community members to party and relax, it’s important to note that Suave has created more than a place:  he has also created a website directory aimed at connecting SL business owners to not only customers, but to other business owners as well.  This, along with the creation of The Hangout Radio Station encompasses a multi-layered effort to spread the word about SL businesses across the grid!

Suave’s creation of The Hangout is especially beneficial for businesses who are currently not listed in Second Life’s Destination Guide, because it allows owners a choice as to how their business is advertised, as well as the flexibility to choose what target audience they wish to market to…in a way that dutifully functions with, yet independently from Linden Labs–all in one swoop.  To sign your business up, please click on the following link:  My Radio Stream.

Travis Suave, whose Real Life occupation specializes in Sales and Website Development, brings a plethora of real life work experience with him; this real life work experience becomes more fluid and tangible within the scheme of Second Life because it represents how real life skills can benefit SL community members.

II. When The Hangout Was Founded And Other Ways It Helps Businesses Flourish

There is ad space and store rentals available at The Hangout; contact Edwad Travis for more details….

Founding The Hangout in June 2015, Suave has successfully maintained his venue’s location for over two years.  In fact, if you would like to take a look at The Hangout parcel, please click on the following link:  The Hangout.  When asked about his business’ endeavors, Suave answered, “My aim is to help people in [the SL] game… get their brand out there in a much easier way then the way it is usually done in world…”

To meet this goal, Suave relies on his ability to personalize service to SL business owners, just like he does in his Real Life Sales profession.  His business location for instance, offers a variety of scenic backdrops aimed to entice even the most discerning customer.  For instance, there is a beach area that overlooks a scenic ocean…complete with crashing waves and a modest gurgling current.  This scenic beach area also features a venue perfect for wedding ceremonies.

Asharhia, owner of The Asha Group. Asharhia is also responsible for landscaping The Hangout Sim…

There is also a very interactive forest, a children’s playground, bustling restaurants and a romantic waterfront for couples interested in bonding with one another.  This, along with acknowledgment of the Asha Group’s landscaping contribution to The Hangout, are indicators of Sauve’s willingness to help employ other businesses to realize his goal of helping others.

The Asha Group is owned by Asharhia, who is also responsible for the creation of the Africa sim located at Caprina.  To take a look at her additional landscape contributions, please be sure to also pay a visit to Africa by clicking here:  Asharhia creates Africa.  Feel free to also contact her via Facebook by clicking the following link: Asharhia.

Visiting Africa, as well as visiting The Hangout Sim will offer SL community members an interactive look at Asharhia‘s work, while also supporting Travis Suave’s efforts to create formidable connections with SL business owners.  To take a look at The Hangout’s Waterfront please click here:  Waterfront Romance at the Hangout.

III. The Hangout Venue: Offering Intimacy At Its Finest

For those that crave a more enclosed yet intimate environment, Suave has also placed a venue in the sky that aims to showcase live performers as well as DJ’s.  Enshrouded in blue and seemingly crushed velvet, this venue features white drapery and has its walls and ceilings bordered in gold.  The stark color contrast, along with a pleasantly smoky vibe, make this section of the hangout perfect for romantic outings…or even as a place to meet up with friends, family, and colleagues.

This stage will be used for live performances, and is located inside The Hangout’s Club venue…

This, along with an area of The Hangout sim designed to cater to the needs of SL families and their children, make for a destination that not only addresses a varied audience, but one that offers personalized service with the aim of catering to the discerning SL community member. This is because, as a consumer himself, Travis Suave began to realize that he wanted to offer more to the SL community then merely a place to park their avis while mindlessly listening to music.

He explains, “…I saw people hanging around [different venues]…and all they were doing was standing in one spot, looking at each other as they listened to a stream…”

Suave contends that this mindless listening and standing around is one of many key things that can lead to unnecessary in world arguments and griefing.  Thus, Suave’s goal is to not only create a way for others to positively network with each other, but to do so in an environment that is healthy and safe.  He continues, “My goal is to not only create something more than a place to hang out in world, but to also create a place that helps others find a different place to go and not be harassed with drama…”

To better demonstrate how The Hangout sim encourages peace within Second Life, please take a look at the slideshow below:

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He is also interested in using The Hangout (including the website, as well as his radio station and his variety of venues) to foster new ways to function in world; in fact, Suave believes that there is more than one way to get the word out about your business, and he also believes that a business owner has to be flexible and open to change in order to help their business better flourish.  Suave explains, “I want to build on creating a strong information center for people; I want to help SL Community members locate great places to hang out and to find businesses that will gainfully assist them in their endeavors.  I want to help people come up with new ways of doing business within the Second Life game, and better assist those who are open to change…In fact, I prefer to be around people who are open to new ways of thinking….that are open to change.”

Please check out some additional photos compiled of The Hangout here:

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As seen in the above photos, The Hangout offers the SL community a way to not only demonstrate their openness to change, but in also actively spreading the word about how business owners make a profound difference in the community they serve.

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