Bee Designs Prove That SL Can Empower RL Moms!

Bee Caudron Law, Founder and Creator of Bee Designs… (photo taken by Bee Caudron Law)

For Bee Caudron Law, her business started with a feature story on the news and a dream…

Specifically, her desire to create her own Second Life business started in 2007; at the time, she was tending to her newborn daughter when she unintentionally spotted a program that was centered on the Second Life video game.  She explains to The SL Parade that it was while watching that program that she realized she could make money in world.  She continues, “…as I was at home with a newborn baby, I thought it was a great idea to try to work [in Second Life as a creator] and raise [my daughter while] working at home…”

Bee Designs Logo…

It was from there, according to Law, that the creation of Bee Designs was born.

II.  Bee Designs:  Focus and Specialization

Bee Designs specializes in the creation of homes, as well as furniture and other decor.  Law explains, “…my goal is to create products that give a ‘home feeling’ for those who buy my creations…”

When prodded further on how her products invoke a “home feeling” within her customers, Bee Caudron Law explains that she often relies on a combination of her own imagination and real life photos.  She continues, “…sometimes, I  start by making floor ad walls, then the idea starts to build inside my mind…other times, I look at an RL picture I like and start making a product that looks just like it…”

Collage taken from the Second Life Marketplace….

Yet in addition to relying on her own imagination, as well as on RL photos for inspiration; it is imperative to note that the textures, foliage and other materials used also create a realistic (and hence, homey) feel in all of Bee Designs products.  This homey feel is also reminiscent of the reason why Law decided to pursue her SL business in the first place:  To stay at home to raise and support her family.

With Bee Caudron Law being the sole owner, proprietor and creator of Bee Designs, she confesses that creating can often be difficult work.  Law continues, “….takes a lot of time and effort to learn and to create each new set…”

Yet with her store being in operation since 2009, it is a challenge Law readily accepts with each creation she designs. Law recently added Halloween store at Bee Designs.  “I love it over there…” she warmly affirms, then continues, “…I had a few other for full perm items (I created) on older avatars, but have stuck with Bee Design and exclusively create under my Bee Caudron Law account…”  If you would like to pay a visit to Bee Design’s Halloween store, please click here:  Bee Design’s Halloweentown

In addition to the Halloween store, Bee Designs has an array of Gatcha products for the discerning customer.  The products, ranging from bedroom furniture to exclusively decorated buildings, are featured in the Bee Designs Gatcha machines located all over the Bee Designs sim.  To see some of the Gatcha items featured at Bee Designs, please look at the slide show featured at the end of this article.

…from SL Marketplace

III.  Bee Designs Empowers Bee Caudron Law To Be An Awesome Mom

Besides creating exciting and visually appealing products, Law contends that the best thing about Bee Designs is that it reflects her RL goals and aspirations.  Law explains, “…I didn’t know a thing when I started Bee Designs…but now, Bee Designs is my RL job, so it reflects in my whole life…most importantly, it allows me to raise my girl and earn money…

Bee Caudron Law shared this awesome photo with The SL Parade…

Bee Caudron Law has relied on Bee Designs as her sole source of income since her daughter was a newborn.  Now that her daughter is 11 years old, Law continues to be by her side to watch her grow up.  Law continues, “…thanks to SL, my daughter studies at the best schools….SL has also given us the finances needed to travel, live in a very nice apartment….all I have always wanted to give to my daughter…”

Besides relying and loving what she does in Bee Designs, Bee Caudron Law loves being a mother.  “Being a mom…” Law contends, “…is amazing…you learn more about yourself while raising your young ones, and you see a part of yourself flourishing too…”

…taken from SL Marketplace…

The love for her daughter is not only demonstrated with the fabulous creations featured in Bee’s Creation, but in Bee Caudron Law’s avatar as well.  With dark, flowing hair and flawless skin…complete with a look of wonder in her eyes, Bee Caudron Law looks just like her RL daughter…

Law continues, “My daughter physically looks a lot like me, and personality wise, she acts like me in every way, too…and thanks to SL, I get to be by my daughters side as she grows and matures…”

In addition to seeing Bee Designs products at the store, The SL Parade has installed Bee Designs’ Flower and Ice Cream Shop on its sim.  This installation, in addition to this article, is our way of saying thank you to Bee Caudron Law for creating such wonderful products for the SL community…

To visit the Bee Designs sim, please click here:  Bee Designs.  To purchase Bee Designs products at the Second Life Marketplace, please click here:  Bee Designs at SL Marketplace.

Also, please take a look at the slide show below; the slide show features Bee Designs Gatcha products (as marked) and a few photos taken by The SL Parade:

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