The SL Parade Becomes An ABC Horse Breeding Site

Though The SL Parade has been relatively quiet on the literary front, I have still been quite busy! For starters, I recently purchased a sim that functions as The SL Parade Headquarters, and have designed it in such a way that is welcoming to the SL Community! Purchasing this land has really broadened my perspective in terms of how important it is to explore different ways that The SL Parade can remain a staple in the SL Community.

With this in mind, one of many things The SL Parade has created is an inworld horse stable. The horse stable was created as a way for me to alleviate stress in my real life…all while still presenting one of my many products to the SL community. Based on a recommendation from a good friend of mine, The SL Parade Stable primarily breeds and sells Awesome Breeding Creations (ABC) horses and ponies.

To be honest, I have found that breeding ABC horses and ponies are not only therapeutic, but very informative. This is because ABC features breedables that reflect real life horse and pony breeds. Breeds like Clydesdale, the Drum Horse, and Criollo are breeds that also exist in real life, and this allows an ABC breeder to learn more about how specific breeds are used in the real world, as well as about additional physical characteristics they have. As such, those interested in learning more about a specific breed can do so by not only researching online and/or at your local library, but by interacting with others that choose to breed ABC horses, too.

To get a better feel of what The SL Parade sim has to offer, I have all the horses and ponies displayed atop of “For Sale” boxes. These displays are positioned all over the sim to encourage exploration. In addition, I have also included areas to view whales, as well as fish or even rez up a paddle boat, jet ski, or kayak. This is because I strongly believe in creating a community that is welcoming to all who enjoy nature and breeding horses. I also want to create a safe space for those interested in relaxing in an atmosphere that encourages positive interaction and learning.

In addition to breeding ABC horses and ponies, The SL Parade also is a Chop Zuey Affiliate. This affiliation, along with assisting in the promotion of both Amanda Slavik’s Magick Thoughts and Bella Drakon Ivanovic’s The Couture Pursuit blogs, allow me to interact with the SL community in additional ways that are rewarding and fulfilling all at once.

[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”125″ gal_title=”amanda and belle”]

Outside of breeding ABC horses, ponies and functioning as an affiliate of various vendors like Chop Zuey, I am slowly gearing myself up to resume writing again. My RL has drastically changed, and I am still trying to create a space for myself to write about all things SL and RL. I am juggling two very important things:  caring for my father and raising my six year old son.

Between the flurry of all this RL responsibility, I am still trying to find a quiet space to not only breathe, but to concentrate and write.  It is hard because I am doing this with limited support.  However, I am confident that things will work out for the better…

ABC Horses and ponies are on sale now at The SL Parade SIM!  Please take a look at the slide show below to get a first hand look at our selection:


[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”126″ gal_title=”SL Parade has horses”]

To visit The SL Parade SIM, please click here:  Check out The SL Parade sim





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