Love Wants You To Take A Holiday and Enjoy Some Banana Pudding!

love holiday
Love Holiday, the newest member of The SL Parade, recalls one of many recipes her grandmother shared with her during the holidays…

Old Fashioned Southern Banana Pudding recipe…passed down from the great cooks in my family.

~by Sunny Love Holiday~

I remember when I was a young whippersnapper, around each holiday I would be spread out in front of my floor model TV watching cartoons in anticipation of the holiday dessert. My family has always made the black family staple, old fashioned southern banana pudding, and the wonderful recipe has been passed down from  generation to generation. My grandmother would have to make three large pans, because not only would everyone in the family come to eat, but people from far and wide would come to get their piece, too. My cousins and I couldn’t wait to eat this fabulous dessert, but also couldn’t wait for us to become old enough to learn the secret recipe.

Once I became a teenager, my grandmother believed I was trustworthy enough to be, given our family’s secret recipe, so she began to teach me during the holidays until I became a perfectionist.  I can clearly see her now pulling all the ingredients out, then telling me, “Now… of the secrets to making great banana pudding is using homemade pudding!” With much disdain on her face, she would complain that “these new age women are always trying to take shortcuts when they cook…using that Jell-O pudding crap…but they just don’t realize that when you make things from scratch, it tastes so much better!”

My grandmother was a wonderful teacher because she would allow me to do everything. She was sitting in her chair throwing commands at me, allowing me to get hands on experience in the process.  Meanwhile, I was always a nervous wreck when the banana pudding came out of the oven and it was time for her taste test. She would put a small piece in her mouth and ponder for a moment before she told me precisely what I did wrong. Until one glorious day, when I was about 17 years old, she ate a piece, sat back, smiled and said ” baby girl, you got it! This is one of the best banana puddings I have ever tasted!”

Of course I was as proud as I could be, and took great joy in rubbing it in the faces of my cousins, letting them all know that I was the one that mastered the great family recipe…the one that we all longed to master.

I know what you’re thinking.. isn’t banana pudding all made pretty much the same? Well, I’m here to tell you that it’s not! My family has a secret ingredient that puts ours just a little bit above the rest. Now I wouldn’t be the trustworthy grandchild that my grandmother trusts so much if I were to give you all the ingredients to the secret family recipe, but I will include a recipe that is similar to it that I’m sure you and your family will enjoy!

banana-pudding-serving-25Old Fashioned Southern Banana Pudding



To make the Banana Pudding’s filling, you will need:

  • 3 – cups of Milk
  • 1/4 – cup of All Purpose Flour
  • 1/2 – cup of Sugar
  • 3 – Eggs, separated
  • 1 – teaspoon of Vanilla Extract
  • 1 – box of Vanilla Wafers
  • 4-6 – ripe Bananas, sliced


For the Meringue topping, you will need:

  • 1/8 – teaspoon of Cream of Tartar for the Meringue, if needed
  • 1/4 – cup of Sugar for the Meringue, if needed



1.Preheat your oven to 350 degrees.

2.Separate 3 eggs, set the whites aside for later use in the meringue.

3.Add 3 cups of milk to a medium saucepan. Place over LOW heat on your stove top.

4.Slowly add flour, whisking continually to avoid lumps.

5.Slowly stir in 1/2 cup of sugar, whisking continually until fully dissolved.

6.Use a fork and break up the egg yolks.

7.Slowly add the egg yolks to the saucepan, whisking continually to avoid making scrambled eggs. It’s very important to stay with the cooking process at this point. Keep stirring.

8.Increase the heat gradually up to about medium as you constantly whisk the pudding mixture.

9.Using a candy thermometer, bring the mixture up to 170 degrees. Continue to stir it constantly as it thickens. When it reaches 170 degrees, remove from heat but continue to stir.

10.Add the teaspoon of Vanilla Extract and continue to stir off and on as it cools down. The mixture must cool down before you begin to assemble the banana pudding.

11.When fairly cool, spread a light layer of the pudding in a casserole dish.

12.Add a layer of Vanilla Wafers. Reserve about 5 or 6 wafers for topping later.

13.Add a layer of sliced bananas.

14.Add a layer of pudding mixture, spreading it out to the edges of the dish.

15.Repeat the layer process as needed, ending with a layer of the pudding mixture on top.

16.Crumble the 5 or 6 reserved wafers and sprinkle on top. If not adding the meringue, bake this at 350 degrees for about 10-15 minutes. Let cool and serve. Hopefully you’ll try the meringue.


17.Place the room temperature egg whites in a glass or metal mixing bowl.

18.Using a mixer or whisk, beat the egg whites until they appear frothy in texture.

19.Add about 1/8th teaspoon of Cream of Tartar.

20.Increase mixer speed and beat until the egg whites form soft peaks.

21.Add the sugar. Continue to whip, increasing speed as needed until the egg whites thicken and form firm peaks. Do not over work the egg whites as it will cause them to lose volume.

22.Use a spatula and gently spread the meringue over the pudding mixture.

23.Gently dab the spatula up and down in the meringue to form small swirls and peaks.

24.Place the dish in the preheated 350 degree oven and bake for 10 to 15 minutes. Watch it carefully so the egg white meringue doesn’t burn. It just needs to be slightly toasted and browned.

25.Remove from oven, let cool, refrigerate until cold then serve.


Review: “Odd Squad” Uses Humor to Get Kids Excited About Math

ReRe Sandalwood gives "The Odd Squad" four out of five stars...
ReRe Sandalwood gives “The Odd Squad” four out of five stars…

For those who have children and are looking for something educational and fun for them to watch, look no further than PBS’ “Odd Squad” Show.

The “Odd Squad” show takes a close look at the exploits of Olive and Otto, two agents who work for a secret organization ran by children. The organization, called “The Odd Squad,” assists individuals of all ages and walks of life in rectifying odd occurrences and behaviors. Yet, in the midst of resolving the oddest situations, the agents rely on mathematical concepts to solve cases assigned to them by their pint-sized boss, Ms. O…who, by the way, also goes by the name “Oprah.”

Left, Agent Otto, who is played by Filip Geljo and Agent Olive, who is portrayed by Dalila Zela...
Left, Agent Otto, who is played by Filip Geljo and Agent Olive, who is portrayed by Dalila Zela…

Ms. O, who never ages despite previously working as an agent as far back as the 1800’s, can be seen routinely yelling at various “Odd Squad” agents to “GET TO WORK NOW!” Her serious demeanor, followed by her intense love of extreme sports like Karate and scuba diving, aid her in not only being the best “Odd Squad” boss around, but also in helping agents like Otto and Olive solve cases by using key mathematical concepts.

Milly Davis, who portrays Ms. O on “The Odd Squad” show, is one of many children featured on the show…

All mathematical concepts aside, the “Odd Squad” was originally a children’s show that was conceptually developed and shown in Canada. As with most shows that are extremely good, it has now effectively transitioned to the United States, showing kids of all ages that Math can function as a powerful tool in solving even the strangest cases. For instance, in Season One’s episode entitled “A Case of the Sing Alongs,” the Mayor (who is an adult by the way) begins to oddly burst out in song at the strangest and most inconvenient of times. The songs are silly and whimsical in nature, and causes him to have embarrassing moments not only during routine, Mayor related meetings, but also in the midst of acting as a judge for a Chili competition. In terms of the latter, the Mayor can be seen not only singing, but smearing Chili all over his business suit…all while singing off key. Based on his strange behavior, Olive concurs that the Mayor is suffering from “The Sing Alongs,” a strange illness that is prompted by unusual circumstances and situations.

In the "Case of the Sing Alongs," the Mayor stands before Miss O, covered in Chili...
In the “Case of the Sing Alongs,” the Mayor stands before Miss O, covered in Chili…

Thus, in an effort to help, “Odd Squad” agents Olive and Otto decide to determine if there is a pattern that shows when the Mayor is most likely to belt out in song. At first, they noticed that the Mayor seemed to burst out in song whenever he was around babies. However, as Ms. O eloquently pointed out, there is not a baby featured in every instance of the Mayor’s “Sing Along” incidents.

Odd-Squad photo 1
Some members of The Odd Squad, from left: Agent Oscar (Sean Michael Kyer), acting inventor and Odd Squad Wiz Kid; Ms. O (Millie Davis) head of the Odd Squad; Agent Otto (Filip Geljo), and Agent Olive (Dalila Zela).

They later narrow the Mayor’s case of “The Sing Alongs” down to the time he begins to exhibit symptoms. Specifically, they notice that he sings every 30 minutes after an hour. They also realize that in order to resolve the Mayor’s illness-related mishap, he has to reunite with his former singing group “The Thirties,” at a time that ends in 30.

odd squad saves the worldPatterns are one of many intricate features in the mathematics discipline. In fact, patterns can be seen in multiplication, as well as in trigonometry related equations. However, the key difference in learning this in a school setting versus via a television show is that the television show does not necessarily make it obvious that they are teaching mathematical concepts because it is shrouded under the guise of entertainment.

As a parent, I highly recommend this show for children of all ages. My son, who is actually two years old, enjoys the humorous content featured on the show, and is also enamored with the idea related to the notion of kid-fueled empowerment featured on “The Odd Squad” show. In fact, the show has even made him more determined in learning how to count, as well as in how to spell.

I suggest you watch not only "The Odd Squad," but all children geared television programs with their kids...
I suggest you watch not only “The Odd Squad,” but all children geared television programs with their kids…

In addition, I also recommend that parents watch and enjoy this show with their children because it can give them an opportunity to learn more about how their children learn…particularly as it relates to watching television, as well as how they interact with the world around them…

Overall, “The Odd Squad” is great family entertainment and for this reason, I give it four stars out of five…and that is only because some of the humorous content featured may go over some of the children’s heads…

Note:  The Odd Squad comes on Monday – Fridays at 7 pm EST….

British Cuisine Equals Great British Nosh!

~by Belle “Love Bunni” Sonsi (also known as bbwbabe)~

Great British Nosh!

Us Brits love our food and we love calling recipes strange names even more…LOL.  Here are a few recipes which I cook on a regular basis and that should get your taste buds flowing.


Toad_in_the_holeToad in the hole.

Now this does not contain toads!! Instead it is a very homely dish of sausages in a batter served with vegetables and onion gravy. Very filling and a great comfort food for a night in watching tv in your pj’s eating a good home cooked meal.

This recipe will serve 4 or one hungry adult and 2 other portions.


8 Sausages (use good quality sausages of any flavour)

2 tablespoons vegetable oil

225g (8oz) plain flour

4 eggs

250ml (8floz) milk

salt and pepper to taste.


Preheat your oven to 200 degrees C or gas mark 6.

Pour the oil in the bottom of a good size baking dish (about 12 inches in length) and pop the sausages in the dish as well in a single layer. Bake in the oven for 10 minutes.

While oil is heating and sausages are starting to cook, make the batter as follows. In a large bowl whisk the flour, eggs and half the milk together until smooth. Continuing to whisk, add the rest of the milk until the mixture is smooth and completely mixed. Now season with salt and pepper.

Take the dish with the sausages out of the oven. Pour over the batter mix on the sausages. Try and keep the sausages spaced apart so there is batter between each sausage and around the edges. the batter should cover 3/4 of the way up the sausages.

Return dish to oven and bake for 35 minutes or until the center is risen and browned and golden. Depending on the type of dish you use the underside might be slightly soft. This is normal. I prefer to use a ceramic dish for mine.

Serve with fresh vegetables and a rich onion gravy.

As a variation you can wrap the sausages in smokey bacon before cooking for extra flavour.


It looks like a mess, but taste "Oh So Good"....
It looks like a mess, but taste “Oh So Good”….

Eton Mess

This is a glorious summer dessert (but I will eat it any time of the year!!) made with fresh strawberries and double cream. Very simple to make but delicious to eat. This recipe will serve 4….


500g/1lb 2oz fresh strawberries, hulls removed.

400ml/14fl oz double cream.

3 x 3inch ready made meringue nests, crushed.

1 tbsp ginger cordial (optional but a lovely twist)

sprigs of fresh mint to garnish.


Puree half the strawberries in a blender. chop the remaining strawberries, keeping back 4 for decoration.

Whip the double cream until stiff peaks form then fold in the strawberry puree and crushed meringue. Fold in the chopped strawberries and ginger cordial if using.

Spoon equal amounts of the mixture into 4 cold large wine glasses. Serve with a garnish on top of the remaining strawberries halved (one on each) and a sprig of mint.


  Queen Victoria Sponge Sandwich.

Belle makes this cake look GOOD!
Belle makes this cake look GOOD!

This is truly a classic cake and great for any occasion or just as an afternoon tea treat.  It can be jazzed up with different jam fillings or add a butter cream topping, but here is my favourite recipe for the classic version.


For the cake:

200g Caster sugar

200g Softened butter

4 Eggs beaten

200g self raising flour

1tsp baking powder

2 tbsp milk


For the cake’s filling:

100g butter, softened

140g icing sugar, sifted

couple of drops vanilla extract (optional but worth it)

340g jar of good quality strawberry Jam.

icing sugar to decorate.


Heat oven to 190C/fan 170C/gas 5. Butter two 20cm sandwich tins and line with non-stick baking paper. In a large bowl, beat all the cake ingredients together until you have a smooth, soft batter.

Divide the mixture between the tins, smooth the surface with a spatula or the back of a spoon, then bake for about 20 minutes until golden and the cake springs back when pressed. Turn onto a cooling rack and leave to cool completely.

To make the filling, beat the butter until smooth and creamy, then gradually beat in icing sugar. Beat in vanilla extract if you’re using it. Spread the butter cream over the bottom of one of the sponges, top it with jam and sandwich the second sponge on top. Dust with a little icing sugar before serving. Keep in an airtight container and eat within a few days.

This is great served with a dollop of thick cream and afternoon tea.

Note:  The sugar in this recipe can be substituted for Total sweet if desired; I use a reduced sugar jam in mine.

Have fun trying these recipes out and enjoy eating them!!

Daphne Wallace: Poet, Host, and SL Veteren

Daphne is poised and ready to share her writing with others...
Daphne is poised and ready to share her writing with others..

Daphne Wallace can be seen around the Grid hosting for various venues.  However, there are layers to this woman…she is a poet that prides herself in creating works that reflect passion and reflection, and also enjoys everything SL has to offer.  She is also one of many writers on The SL Parade Staff, acting as a Contributing Writer in our Poetry Department. If you are interested in submitting any creative works…rather it is poetry, short story fiction, or even a diary-based entry, please feel free to contact The SL Parade!

Taken from

...from Black Love at Pininterest...
…from Black Love at Pinterest…

Mine ~ For Kyle

His arms so strong and dark
hold me and i feel the strength

His face so kind and welcoming
shines on me and I feel the warmth of the  sun

His eyes so deep and mysterious
look at me and I know love.

aloneAlone on my beach

When my heart is heavy
When I need to rest
Alone on my beach
Is where its best

Best to think and cry
Best to wonder why
Best to say goodbye
Alone on my beach

No more worries in my mind
I am strong I will not cry
One day I will find the man
One day he will take my hand

He will smile and say come my love
You were waiting for me all along

Until then…
Im alone on my beach.


SLP: A Behind the Scenes Look

ReRe Sandalwood, The SL Parade's Founder and Editor-In-Chief of
ReRe Sandalwood, The SL Parade’s Founder and Editor-In-Chief…

The SL Parade is working hard FOR YOU! In preparation for the upcoming SL Parade Launch Party that will be held at the SL Parade Headquarters, ReRe Sandalwood, acting Founder and Editor of The SL Parade, has collaborated with some great SIM and club owners.  DJ KRSNA, one of many DJ’s gracious enough to help The SL Parade, is going to make it possible for Jill Scott to come and perform on Saturday, August 1, 2015 at 4 PM SL Time!  Scott, along with a very special SURPRISE guest, will offer a virtual performance filled with positive vibes and energy!

To insure The SL Parade is launched off in a fun, positive and vibrant way, there will be a two day celebration taking place on Saturday, August 1, 2015 and Sunday, August 2, 2015.

Huanita Wunderlich, pictured on the left, discusses the tentative SIM Opening Schedule with ReRe Sandalwood…

In anticipation of this two day celebration, ReRe Sandalwood has also joined forces with party throwing veteran, Huanita Wunderlich.  Sandalwood, along with Wunderlich are not only friends, but business partners who plan to offer a combination of life entertainment and DJ Fueled music to patrons.

For those that may not know, Wunderlich is the owner of Club Lion, a Club that not only specializes in offering the SL Community live entertainment and performances from world renowned singers, but also bolsters a photography studio and an array of intimate sitting areas for patrons.  What makes Club Lion really special is that it has been open since 2008, and has recently celebrated seven years of success inworld.

Huanita Wunderlich recently celebrated Club Lion's Seven Year anniversary...
Huanita Wunderlich recently celebrated Club Lion’s Seven Year anniversary…

Because Club Lion has recently moved to a new SIM, Wunderlich is planning a SIM Opening Party for not only Club Lion, but for The SL Parade, too.  This is because both buildings are housed on the same land, acting as virtual neighbors that share a surrounding ocean, as well as a beautiful sunset.  In turn, this enables patrons to venture on both sides of the SIM and enjoy the beautifully laid out scenery and foliage.

The tentative breakdown of the SIM Opening/Launch Party for Club Lion and The SL Parade is as follows:

On Saturday, August 1st, 2015, Club Lion tentatively presents the following activities:

Ricardo Avalira, who is an active and thriving Live Singer at Club Lion, will perform Saturday, August 1 from 12 PM - 1 PM...
Ricardo Avalira, who is an active and thriving Live Singer at Club Lion, will perform Saturday, August 1 from 12 PM – 1 PM…

10 am – 12 pm SLT : DJ M4R10
12 – 1 pm SLT : Ricardo Alvalira
1 – 2 pm SLT : tobykip Lionheart
2 – 3 pm SLT : ian Bleac
3 – 4 pm SLT : Rocky Toocool

These events will be facilitated by the following Club Lion Team:  Club Lion Owner Huanita Wunderlich, along with Head Host Evee Sturtevant and Host Tatjana Diesel.

On The SL Parade’s Side of the SIM, ReRe Sandalwood will officially launch her contributory-based celebration to not only honor The SL Parade official opening, but to also honor Huanita Wunderlich’s Club Lion Grand Opening–all on her newly purchased SIM!  The SL Parade’s contribution to this milestone will begin at 4:00 pm on Saturday, August 1st, 2015.

The SL Parade will offer the following venues on Saturday, August 1, 2015 for all patrons:

An reenactment of one of many Jill Scott's performances will be featured on Saturday, August 1, 2015.  There will be a Jill Scott avatar presented in her likeness...
An reenactment of one of many Jill Scott’s performances will be featured on Saturday, August 1, 2015. There will be a Jill Scott avatar presented in her likeness…

4 pm – 5 pm slt : Virtual Jill Scott Concert performance with Special Guests TBA
5 pm – 6 pm slt : DJ性感厚飛節 (also known as DJ H O C K S)

On Sunday, August 2, 2015, The SL Parade will continue its celebration by making The SL Parade Headquarters an EMPOWERMENT ZONE! All venues connected to the EMPOWERMENT ZONE is dedicated to all of those who strive to EMPOWER ONE ANOTHER with positive dialog and music.

With this in mind, The SL Parade EMPOWERMENT ZONE proudly presents the following venue on Sunday, August 2, 2015:

2 pm – 4 pm slt : DJ Krazy Sexy Kool with Host Daphne Wallace
4 pm – 6 pm slt : DJ Lady Soul with Host Sade Collins

Daphne Wallace is not only beautiful, but is a consummate professional whenever she hosts a venue...
Daphne Wallace is not only beautiful, but is a consummate professional whenever she hosts a venue…

Be mindful that The SL Parade’s EMPOWERMENT ZONE Team consist of the following: DJ KRSNA, who acts as a friend and guide, as well as a “behind the scenes DJ” and general advisor to The SL Parade; DJ性感厚飛節 (also known as DJ H O C K S), who will act as the official DJ for the Saturday, August 1, 2015 venue connected to The SL Parade Launch Party, DJ Krazy Sexy Kool, who not only is ReRe Sandalwood’s sister, but will be the officiating DJ for the EMPOWERMENT ZONE venue that will happen on Sunday, August 2, 2015.  She, along with acting Host Daphne Wallace will team up to bring all patrons a fun-filled venue with alot of laughs and positive energy.

DJ Krazy Sexy Kool is not only ReRe Sandalwood's sister, but is also one of the best DJ's on the Grid....
DJ Krazy Sexy Kool is not only ReRe Sandalwood’s sister, but is also one of the best DJ’s on the Grid….

Last but not least, DJ Lady Soul will act as the closing EMPOWERMENT ZONE DJ.  She, along with Host Sade Collins will add on to the fun and positivity that The SL Parade is striving to actively promote…

Sade Collins looks elegant, fierce and refined in formal attire, complete with a luxurious afro...
Sade Collins looks elegant, fierce and refined in formal attire, complete with a luxurious afro…

Because The SL Parade is a nonprofit organization, we rely on generous donations from those that choose to read our website.  If you are interested in donating, please click on the PayPal tab featured on the Home page of The SL Parade website.  The SL Parade also accepts donations inworld at The SL Parade Headquarters.

For more information on how to donate, as well as about other SL Parade upcoming events, keep checking website at  You can also email ReRe Sandalwood at or contact her inworld.



The SL Hair Fair: Get Your Hair Today—Before It’s Gone Tomorrow!

Silky Handsome, looking good prior to going to the SL Hair Fair!
Silky Handsome, looking good prior to going to the SL Hair Fair!

Silk Hansome wants The SL Parade readers to know that it might suit them better to run through the SL Hair Fair, rather than walk.

With an array of hair styles and hair colors to choose from, the plethora of hair merchandise available at the SL Hair Fair is immense. Separated by hair color, each SIM that host the annual Hair Fair houses a magnitude of hair styles and textures created by Hair Creators from all walks of SL life. Some creators featured include Wasabi Pills, as well as Truth Hair.

In fact, ℤ Є 丁 Å (pinayz) had just tp’d out of a seemingly once in a lifetime sale at the Truth’s section of the SL Hair Fair. “They have a sale on hair for 50L; the entire room used to be 250L! I bought tons J!”

Like ℤ Є 丁 Å, Silk loved all the offerings at the SL Hair Fair. But because this event will only be going on from July 11, 2015 – July 26, 2015, there will be limited time sales and products available. “My main thing” Silk contends, “…was to get anything I liked and was not going to be sold in the main stores after the Fair…”

ReRe Sandalwood, Editor and Founder of The SL Parade, looks at some hair selections at the SL 2015 Hair Fair...
ReRe Sandalwood, Editor and Founder of The SL Parade, looks at some hair selections at the SL 2015 Hair Fair…

Besides the once in a lifetime opportunity to buy rare hair and take advantage of inherently low linden prices, The SL Hair Show also offers free gifts to all Hair Fair patrons, all to celebrate their tenth anniversary inworld. Some of these gifts can be found in the white and red number 10’s seen inside each hair store section, while others can be found inside virtual cakes and store bags.

All gifts aside, the SL Hair Fair also offers the biggest gift of all: a portion of their proceeds sent to the Wigs for Kids nonprofit organization.

According to the Wigs for Kids ( website, Wigs for Kids has been providing Hair Replacement Systems and support for children who have lost their hair due to chemotherapy, radiation therapy, Alopecia, Trichotillomania, burns and other medical issues at no cost to children or their families ( Helping children for over 30 years, Wigs for Kids relies on donations from not only private donors, but from events like the SL Hair Show.

Some caps available to honor Wigs For Kids, a nonprofit organization that will receive a portion of the profits from the SL 2015 Hair Fair...
Some caps available to honor Wigs For Kids, a nonprofit organization that will receive a portion of the profits from the SL 2015 Hair Fair…

When asked about some examples of hair purchased at the Hair Fair, BUGZEE, a relative new comer to the SL Hair Fair scene and an avi who will have her first rezz day in August 2015, let The SL Parade know that though she has purchased five kinds of hair from the Hair Fair, her favorite one was L+N Clio Mesh Hair. “One of my favorites” BUGZEE explains, “…that stands out and this is based off of the detail and natural digression of hair color would be L+N Clio Mesh Hair.”

Felicia Carver adds that Orthodox, specifically their curly hair selection, was a great purchase choice. “However” she states, “…I don’t know if adding an extra, empty sim would reduce lag, but there needs to be a way to add resources to make it easier…”

BUGZEE, a patron of the SL Hair Fair, wears a recently purchased Hair Fair Product..
BUGZEE, a patron of the SL Hair Fair, wears a recently purchased Hair Fair Product..

Carver adds, “I also think being able to TP directly to the store you want would help…” This, she contends, can give the featured stores more direct exposure, and also help patrons better see the hair and other merchandise selections available.

Hair Galore…By Color and Style, Of Course…. example of two of many choices available at the 2015 Hair Fair... example of two of many choices available at the 2015 Hair Fair…

The Stores featured at the SL Hair Fair are not only separated by the creators who made them, but are also separated via buildings that resemble black shopping bags. Though this makes it a bit easier to distinguish who makes what, Felicia Carver says that it was still one of the biggest challenges that came along with finding the right hair for her. “The demo group helped a lot; the group helped me in knowing what I wanted when I got there…but I didn’t really like having to check each store until I found the one I wanted, especially because of the LAG, as well as the difficulty I had in actually getting to the various SIMs.”

For those experiencing challenges with individually checking each store featured at the Hair Fair, the SL Hair Fair organizers created a Hair Fair 2015 map:

Hair Fair 2015 Map
Hair Fair 2015 Map

The SL Hair Fair organizers have also created a note card that lists all of the available hair, as well as the SLURL for each one. For more information, please check the SL Hair Fair website, too at

Speaking of SIM’s, be mindful that the SIMs are separated by hair color. This makes it easier for someone to find not only the hair they want, but also find the hair color they want too. Silk Hansome advises all patrons attending the Hair Fair to visit all of the SIMs. “Check them all out” Silk says, “…I have dark hair and I found something I liked on all of the SIMs…”

The Hair Fair runs from July 11 through July 26, 2015, so hurry up and get your Hair Fair on before its over!

Get Your Advertising On With SLP!

Special Announcement to all businesses and advertisers!

online advertisingAd space will be offered on The SL Parade’s web page, and will be located on the front [home] section!  For extra exposure, The SLP will also post advertising banners in our SLP  Advertisers section, depending on what package clients would like to purchase.

For those who would like a Spotlight feature that showcases their business, we can arrange a contributing writer to venture out, take a look at your business and interview you to appropriately showcase what you have to offer to the SL and/or RL communities! Please take a look at our ad options:

  • Press Release, 300L: For those that want to advertise an event that will run for one day or less, the SLP offers the Press Release Package! For 300L, the SLP will gladly publish a one paragraph long write up about your event.
  • 1 Month Ad Banner/ Link/ weekly press releases- 1000L: For those that are seeking advertising to increase traffic on their sim, The SLP offers a One Month Ad Package. This package enables the advertiser to have their ad run for one full month, complete a link [SLURL] to their business, as well the ability to post press releases once a week for one month.
Imagine your ad being featured RIGHT HERE!
Imagine your ad being featured RIGHT HERE!
  • 3 Months- (Discounted rate)- 2500L: This package is designed for those that are interested in getting extended exposure for their business. It enables advertisers to have their ad run for THREE full months, complete with their business’ Ad Banner, as well as a SLURL/link to their business, and the ability to publish press releases once a week for three months.
  • Spotlight Feature package-3000L: For those interested in having a positive and catchy article published about their business, this package is for you! One of the SLP Contributing Writers will visit your SIM, take a tour, ask you and your staff, etc. questions, take an array of pictures, and compile their findings to create an awesome article to be published in the SLP! In addition to the feature, advertisers will be able to advertise for one month on the website, and have the ability to publish press releases twice a week for three months.
  • 6 Month Stellar Package-5000L: the best deal yet for those interested in fully utilizing the SLP audience. For this amount, you will get a mention on Ms Fantacee Kalmin’s WBVD radio stream, as well as advertisement based plug ins on her sets. In addition, you will be able to advertise for six months on the website, complete with your businesses banner and embedded SLURL, as well as the ability to publish press releases about your businesses upcoming events three times a week for six months.

The SLP will happily plug in any advertisements on our facebook page, too…here are some links you should check out:

The SL Parade website:

The SL Parade Facebook web page [please like this page!]:

Check out Ms. Fantacee’ Kalmin radio stream:

To start advertising with The SL Parade, contact ReRe Sandalwood at either or inworld.  ReRe can also be reached on her facebook page at, or feel free to leave a message on The SL Parade Facebook page at

亗America2K亗 Examines The RL Reality Of Grief and Loss

亗America2K亗 describes a time when she had to come face to face with her biggest fear….

America2000's beauty resonates even within the confines of this picture....
America2000’s beauty resonates even within the confines of this picture….

Dread…to anticipate with great apprehension or fear.  That sinking feeling inside…a feeling all of us have felt at various times in our lives.  When I was 7 years old, I distinctly remember the feeling of dread I felt when I learned about life and death.  That by “natural order,” my Mother and Father would die one day.  Nonetheless, one thought my psyche would not fathom was the death of my siblings nor of myself…much less a child of mine.   And though the death of my Father in 2007 left me numb for a while, it was a kind of numbness I thought would never end.  Yet the sharp pain that accompanied that numbness left eventually, but the memories that followed still follow me on an almost daily basis.

Yet while I was still trying to make sense of the grief I felt over losing my father, the unfathomable happened in 2014.  My Mother, though still vital and lively in her senior years, suddenly passed away.  What made it sudden was that we had a full day together that ended in laughter…a phenomenon that wasn’t always the case in our family’s household.

Because my mom lived with me and my family, we often ate together.  However, the day before she passed, my mother had asked for a meal a little later than normal…all before heading off to sleep.

...a statue that shows that even angels experience unspeakable grief....
…a statue that shows that even angels experience unspeakable grief….

It was me who found my mother passed away in her bed. She had her Bible by her side; her plate was clean and also placed by her bedside (and no, my food was not the cause of my mother’s death).

Upon discovering that my mother had passed away, it seemed that what followed was like a dream…The police came to investigate my mother’s death because it was standard procedure to do so whenever a death occurs in someone’s home.  Sometime later, the funeral home came to pick my mom up, and all of this was followed with the planning of my mother’s service, as well as planning for my mother’s second service, which was an honor I had to insure was upheld because it would take place in her hometown…the same place where she would be buried.

As I recall the events surrounding my mother’s death, I have come to the realization that though it happened, I am living what I dreaded all my life:  the death of both parents. I know that I am not the only one who has experienced this; there are others out there that may have not only experienced the death of a parent, but of another family member, too. Rather it was the death of a sibling, a wife or a husband….or even a girlfriend or boyfriend, experiencing this has made me realize that now is the time to call on and pull whatever strength I can from my higher power.  For me, it was the Lord; for others, it may be something completely different because the act of grieving is a personal and highly individual experience.

Like the weather, life comes and goes in a fierce sweep. Photo: Stormy Weather Over Florida by Alex Grichenk.
Like the weather, life comes and goes in a fierce sweep. Photo: Stormy Weather Over Florida by Alex Grichenk.

Specifically, how a person grieves depends on many factors; this includes a person’s personality and the techniques they rely on to cope with hardship. These, along with a person’s life experiences, as well as their faith, can totally shape and hone the nature of a person’s loss.

Along with various variables that factor into how a person handles their grief, time is also another thing to consider…more so because the grieving process takes time. This is because healing happens gradually; it can’t be forced nor hurried—and there is no “normal” timetable for grieving. For instance, some people start to feel better within weeks or months. However, there are others (like me), who can very well measure their grieving process in a span of years. Yet, whatever your grief experience, it’s important to be patient with yourself and allow the process to naturally unfold.

Coping with grief and loss tip: Take care of yourself 

America2000 is a woman of many layers....
America2000 is a woman of many layers….

When you’re grieving, it’s more important than ever to take care of yourself. The stress of a major loss can quickly deplete your energy and emotional reserves. Looking after your physical and emotional needs will help you get through this difficult time.  I read an online grief support site and gleaned some important points from them. Because these points were helpful to me, I will share them with you:

  • It is very important to face your feelings throughout the grieving process. You can try to suppress your grief, but you can’t avoid it forever. In order to heal, you have to acknowledge the pain. If you try to avoid feelings of sadness and loss, this will only prolong the grieving process. Unresolved grief can also lead to complications such as depression, anxiety, substance abuse, and health problems.
  • Be sure to express your feelings in a tangible or creative way. Write about your loss in a journal. If you’ve lost a loved one, write a letter saying the things you never got to say; make a scrapbook or photo album celebrating the person’s life; or get involved in a cause or organization that was important to him or her.
  • Look after your own physical health. This is because the mind and body are connected. When you feel good physically, you’ll also feel better emotionally. Combat stress and fatigue by getting enough sleep, eating right, and exercising. Don’t use alcohol or drugs to numb the pain of grief, nor to artificially lighten your mood.
  • Don’t let anyone tell you how to feel, and don’t tell yourself how to feel either. Your grief is your own, and no one else can tell you when it’s time to “move on” or “get over it.” Let yourself feel whatever you feel without embarrassment or judgment. It’s okay to be angry, to yell at the heavens, to cry or not to cry. It’s also okay to laugh, to find moments of joy, and to let go when you’re ready.
  • Plan ahead for grief “triggers.” Anniversaries, holidays, and milestones can reawaken memories and feelings. Be prepared for an emotional wallop, and know that it’s completely normal. If you’re sharing a holiday or life cycle event with other relatives, talk to them ahead of time about their expectations and agree on strategies to honor the person you loved.

face of griefRemember, the intention of this article is not to burst your Second Life bubble, nor is it a way to ignore the fact that some believe that RL is inherently separate from SL. However, since death affects both SL and RL, it is important to evaluate how you cope with grief, as well as how grief can potentially affect your everyday life.

In this sense, it is my hope that there is something in this article that will validate the feelings someone in either SL or RL felt…particularly as it relates to grief and loss.

Also, please remember to give yourself a solid pat on the back, and remind yourself that, in spite of it all, you are on the right path!

“Till Next Time!…Onward and Upwards…

Belle ‘Love Hunni’ Sonsie (bbwbabe) and Her SL Comeback!

Belle enjoys the SL scenery in a gorgeously colored bikini that accentuates her figure and hair color….

Six months ago, I needed to take a break from SL due to a real life cross-country move, which as you all know takes some time to pack up a whole three-bedroom house, move and then unpack all those darn boxes, and then settle into a new home, area, job and generally get familiar with new surroundings.

Before I took my sabbatical from SL, my avatar had most of the latest add-ons and she looked every part of the modern SL scene. Slink hands and feet, the latest mesh hair, great skin with all the right appliers for the add-ons, HUGE wardrobe full of Slink apparel, the newest mesh clothing and a sharp look. I was very happy leaving her locked away while I embarked on my journey across England to my new life.

I kept in touch with my SL bestie and some close friends through skype, and would sporadically pop onto SL using my tablet for a quick five minutes, just to let folks know I was still alive and would be returning soon. I never stayed for more than 10 minutes and just rezzed up in my house and chatted through IM…no venturing out into the virtual world, as my tablet doesn’t like the viewer too much and normally freezes up every minute.Back from a brief respite, Belle is looking lovely!

After six months of grueling unpacking and moving furniture from room to room (which, by the way, is so much simpler in SL!  Oh, the wish for an edit tab and a mouse to move that sofa upstairs!), I was finally all set up with a new, super fast broadband and PC to hit SL. Excited, I logged on, only to find that I needed to update my viewer. Ok, this was not so bad…just annoying because I wanted to get inworld and see my friends. So, 10 minutes later…after my clean install…I am logging in.

My avatar looks fab. Yes, just as I left her. Still in the same outfit (Oh the shame of being in 1 outfit for 6 months!!). Before I started to reply to the IM’s that have not been “capped,” I decided to first change my outfit. Jeans, sexy top, some ultra high heels, and a change of hairstyle…and, hey, I am ready to go exploring, not to mention go out shopping to grab a few inworld bargains.

Okay, so I open up Market place while I am inworld then, as I always do, I clicked on the apparel tab.  After doing that, I then clicked onto the women’s tab, starting with viewing the newest fashions first….and 1200000 approx items are all there for me to browse!

I love to shop and I’m feeling a little excited at the thought of spending a few hours getting some new threads and making sure I look as sharp as ever. I know, I lead a sheltered life and don’t get out much lol!

Two scrolls of my mouse down, and I spot an outfit I immediately love. Opening the item on market place, I quickly noticed the “for mesh body only” in the title. Oh…..! So I leave the page open, but go back to the main Market Place tab.

As I scroll down again, I see more and more items which are TMP (the mesh project) or Maitreya only items. Where are all the slink shoes and hand products? The outfits with Tango appliers that seem to fill market place’s newest outfits? The Brazillia appliers for those with butts that always make me question if I should take the plunge and dive into the world of add-ons that feature round, pert and full bottoms.

All pondering aside, I at last, found a pair of new slink shoes…and on Page two at that? Wow….Seems I need to look at the mesh bodies and see what everyone is making all this clothing for.

I hit up my bestie as soon as I see her log in and we pick up from our last conversation. 20 minutes in to the chat, my link to all that is the latest in SL (my bestie) tells me I need to try the Maitreya mesh body. “It’s so you bestie” she tells me excitedly. “I’m going to try the Brazilla one because I want a bigger butt with mine”, she laughs at me. WAIT WHAT!! So it’s all about mesh bodies now? I head over to Maitreya and find the shop crammed with eager women, and a couple of men ( buying for the girlfriends/wives I assume). WOW. I hadn’t expected it to be this busy. I wait for the place to finally rezz up, and all I can see for the most part is heads, no bodies on anyone, just heads (I think they are all trying out the bodies just there in the middle of the store, I’m not that brave and prefer some privacy in case I end up looking like a noob). I find the demo for the body as soon as I enter the store. You can’t miss it as it’s on a huge pillar right in front of the doors. I grab the demo and tp straight home to see what all the fuss is about.

I unpack the box and remove my current outfit and pop the body and alpha on. Ok, so I have to admit it looks great! You can do so much with it. Who knew? Seems most women in SL know how good this is and I am on catch up here. A quick play with the shape edit and I am totally sold. So, yep I bought one.

I did have to buy new appliers for the skin as they had not been included in my old skins pack. I even treated myself to a new skin while at Hush as Hush Darkrose had just released a new one. So my first few hours in SL and I am already 5000L down after buying some clothing as well for my new mesh body. This, I thought to myself, might get costly.

After seeing my new body, my bestie also took the plunge and got herself the Brazilla mesh body, which does suit her more than the Maitreya Lara body. Again, new appliers needed to be bought for her skin as well. It’s a shame the skin makers don’t supply appliers for free or do free updates if you already have newish skins. That said, my bestie looks fabulous as ever, and you can see a difference in the mesh bodies. They move better, some clothing that is specifically made for the mesh bodies fits amazingly. Other outfits still need the alpha to block out the skin as my ass is a little bigger than normal and does tend to poke through! But thats a whole other blog/debate!

My best experience though was laughing for a good 10 minutes during my first venture back to the club scene in my new mesh body the following day. I arrived at the relaunch of Irie Vibes Reggae club, courtesy of an invite from my bestie (she is always on the pulse of whats hot in SL). Great music filled my headphones as soon as I landed, and then I saw it. A sea of bobbing heads. No bodies, feet or hands. Just heads. There were the odd fully dressed and fully rezzed avatars dancing around with system layer clothing, but not many. Then I noticed some half bodies, where the ladies had bought the mesh bottoms and legs. Oh I could not stop laughing. I looked fully rezzed on my screen but nearly everyone else was missing body parts. Gradually, piece by piece, bodies emerged from the air. Dresses and outfits that were previously floating under a head were now attaching to the club goers. I wish I had grabbed a screen shot but I was giggling too much. Once everyone had rezzed they all looked great!

Back from a brief respite, Belle is looking lovely!

Snapshot_009 So after my first few days back in SL I have seen just how fast “being up-to-date” can whoosh by and you are suddenly out dated! But I am glad to be back in SL and hoping that I can find cheaper outfits!!

Before I Go, Here Are Some Pointers!!!

For those that already have mesh bodies, I offer the following tips for those that have mesh bodies:

  • Join the groups for your body. You will see lots of links to gifts and offers in the group chat. There are many groups for the mesh bodies, not just your brand.
  • Try the demos. They might say for your mesh body but they still depend on your shape, and some just don’t look right on your specific shape.
  • Applier kits are available, especially for those who have worn a lot of appliers before, and now want to make them work with their newly purchased mesh body. Be sure to ask about this in the mesh body groups you are enrolled in.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help. The people in these groups are great and will try and answer any questions you have…especially if it is mesh body related.