Editor’s Corner

me on sl parade land_005In Real Life, I am a writer and a teacher, and have done both for over 20 years. However, I never looked at both occupations as fun; I merely looked at them as a way to enrich others while I made a living for myself and my son. However, all of that changed when I became ill. I could no longer work like I use to, and began to notice patterns in my work performance that needed to be rectified. So, for these reasons, I was required to take two years off from the workforce. During that time, I routinely saw my doctors and went to weekly therapy sessions…all in an effort to learn how to manage my illness while simultaneously raising my son and slowly introducing myself back into the workforce.

Per my therapist’s suggestion, I decided to venture back into Second Life. My goal upon reentering back inworld was to not only get an SL job to test how well I could potentially do in the workforce, but to have fun doing it. I frequented more SL Clubs, routinely got naked at parties [yes, I admit it], and hooked up with a few guys that were not really worth my time nor energy.

Yet, in the midst of all my SL overindulgence, I noticed something about myself: I loved to have fun, but I also enjoyed the camaraderie that came along with being reintroduced to a work-related environment. In terms of the latter, I loved to help others achieve their business goals inworld, and I loved building upon these business-based relationships in such a way where we can learn from one another, too.

However, with this realization came yet another: No matter how much you help others, there will always be resentment, jealousy, and sabotage. Though this realization came to my own detriment, I learned something from it; it is important to establish your own inworld so you can set the tone as to how you want to be treated by others.

This is how The SL Parade was conceived. My aim is to create a paper that allows readers to actively interact and contribute to the content featured within its web pages. This interaction will not only occur via contests (one ongoing contest The SL Parade will have is the “Create Your Own Comics” contests, where whoever presents the best meme, Bitstrip comic, etc. wins 500l, a feature in the “Watch Me Shine” section, and an opportunity to have their item published on the paper’s web page) but also via comment features available at the end of every article.

I also want to create a paper where those that contribute are acknowledged and allowed to share more about themselves. With this in mind, all writers who contribute an article to The SL Parade will receive 500L upon its publication, and will also be featured in the “Watch Me Shine” section of The SL Parade. Now, be mindful that in terms of the latter, biographical [which should be a happy medium between your SL and RL background] entails that a few paragraphs be written about who you are as a person, etc.

Once my paper has keenly established itself, my four top writers will receive their own thslparade.org email addresses. I have to pace myself in terms of the latter, because I have to directly purchase all email addresses for my staff. This is why you see donation jars placed at various locations of The SL Parade Headquarters. Specifically, this is a non-profit organization, with the intent to empower readers and writers…all while helping others learn how to better their own personal lives.

I realize that these are lofty ambitions, but I believe that this paper can be a tremendous success. However, I must warn you: some of the material featured in The SL Parade will be edgy, unconventional and controversial. This is because The SL Parade will focus on topics ranging from Rating Inworld DJ’s, as well as being explicit about ill treatment received at various SL venues. The SL Parade will also focus on topics of a political nature. This is because politics potentially affect us inworld, as well as in the Real World.

Overall, the SL Parade is dedicated to writing about all things connected to Second Life, with the aim of highlighting some practical things readers can also use in their Real Life. Though it may take an occasional controversial tone, The SL Parade is designed to highlight all things—rather positive, negative, or both—in Second Life, as well as in Real Life.

With an emphasis on real writers and real articles, it is my hope that this awesome mix will act as a fun way toward better opportunity and understanding not only in SL, but in RL too.

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