Respect the Press: An Editorial Breakdown


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It is an honor to serve the SL Community, and it is an honor to do so by writing stories that explore the virtual world [and real world] around us.

However, in the course of writing for The SL Parade, I began to realize how important it is for my staff and I to establish boundaries–particularly when it comes to what we write and how we go about writing a story.  And while this is very hard for me to do, I realize how important it is to establish appropriate boundaries, particularly as it relates to serving the SL community in the best way necessary.

the sl parade new headquarters_008For starters,  The SL Parade is not obligated to show patrons any articles written prior to an article’s publication.  When I say “anyone,” this term includes those individuals who may be featured in one of The SL Parade’s articles, as well as those who act as a support to the individual or venue being featured.  This is because the material submitted is often of a time-sensitive nature, and to allow everyone to read an excerpt prior to its publication can potentially undermine The SL Parade’s attempts to get the word out about your venue, as well as the services your organization offers.

Also, be mindful that the content that is often featured in The SL Parade also reflects a hosts of activities that may be taking place either during the day, week, month and/or year, and the  information that is usually gathered and featured is meant for that purpose. In this sense, the material featured is not necessarily aimed to please, nor solely cater to, the whims and desires of any particular venue. Because The SL Parade works on this premise, my staff and I gladly send out links to previously published articles, and we will send these articles out to various groups featured on Facebook, as well as groups that are inworld.  We may also send articles to a hosts of individuals that may be interested in personally receiving a link to an article, advertisement, etc.

In addition, while The SL Parade staff and I will often over extend ourselves to make article corrections, we are not obligated to do so.  Thus, if a patron feels that corrections are needed in an article, The SL Parade kindly asks that this “no obligation” clause be kept in mind, especially in the course of contacting anyone on staff.

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As a member of the press, The SL Parade also kindly requests that we be treated in a manner that conveys respect for the community we serve.  For instance, if any members of the press [either The SL Parade staff, or any other news-based publication or blogger for that matter] are covering a story for your venue, we kindly ask that we are greeted and respected upon touching down.  If there is a performance being covered [rather a model-based competition, an SL play, or any other kind of venue that attracts either a large or small audience],  we also kindly ask that a section be set aside for the press to better enable our staff to take photos, notes and other materials necessary to create a vivid and detailed story. Members of The SL Parade press would greatly appreciate this courtesy so we can better serve the SL community.

Occasionally, The SL Parade staff may make a personal, rather than a financial decision to write about a particular venue and any festivities featured therein. If an article is written for this reason, The SL Parade may not even charge for advertising, more so if we deem the event important enough to write about.  This level of importance is generally based on important milestones, like a venue being open inworld for a significant period of time, a reflection of an important era in history, or even one that centers around topics such as Domestic Violence, Gun Control, or Copyright Violations in SL.  With this in mind, The SL Parade kindly ask all venues featured to promote the story within their group and venue as compensation for our effort and time.  We also request that the venue make some kind of donation toward The SL Parade publication to insure monetary costs can be paid; these monetary costs include tier payments, as well as payment of staff.  This promotion will not only benefit The SL Parade, but your venue too.

the sl parade new headquarters_001The SL Parade also wants to stress how important it is to be appreciative of our efforts to promote venues, as well as our other writing endeavors.  For this reason and more, we asks that patrons demonstrate the prior mentioned kindnesses to assure we can better serve the SL Community.

In the meantime, if you or any members of a particular venue have any questions, please feel free to contact me inworld, or email me at


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