SLP Donors

The SL Parade would like to thank the following individuals for donating their time to our publication:

B Y T E Dreams (Ora L Russel):  A Fashion Designer and model, Dreams was instrumental in changing The SL Parade’s Layout, as well as cutting some of the clutter previously on the page. B Y T E also enjoys anything related to WordPress, which is a blessing because ReRe Sandalwood often goes into WordPress emergency mode while working on numerous articles.

Monrocie Ponte-Core (Moni Core):  Monrocie created The SL Parade’s Enchanted Forest, designed specifically for patrons to relax and simply spend time together.  Though the Enchanted Forest is down now, it was previously one of many other features at the SL Parade Headquarters and was designed to encourage visitors to come by and visit whenever they wanted to.  Monrocie is an inworld landscaper, and owns a business called Garden Rock, so if you are interested in getting some landscaping done, she is one of the best people to go to.

John Brianna (johannes1977)/John Herring:  Owner of Kultivate Magazine, John has continuously supported The SL Parade by allowing us to periodically reprint articles that have originally appeared in Kultivate.  In addition, Team Diabetes of SL, a group founded by John, recently presented The SL Parade with a “Thank You” plaque for our coverage on the 2016 Winter Showcase.  This gracious gift, along with a complimentary free ad in Kultivate Magazine, can act as a true reminder of just how important it is for publications to align themselves…all as a means of spreading the word about what SL and RL has to offer.  To learn more about Kultivate Magazine, please click here:  About Kultivate Magazine.