My Stream Online Radio: A Internet Stream Press Release

Press release:  Mr Travis Suave (etravis51) introduces My Stream Online Radio:  A Internet Radio Stream.  This radio stream is designed to meet the needs of the SL Community, specifically by allowing listeners the choice of listening to who they want, when they want.  So, if you want to be in the know of who started their own online station…be it a talk show or even a music show that features gospel, country, Reggae, R&B, House, etc.; My Stream Online Radio:  A Internet Radio Stream is for you!

My Stream Online Radio: A Internet Radio Stream is also the place to come to if you want to find the best Poetry stations available; this, along with a plethora of other important information, is at the SL community’s disposal.

Yet, in order for this resource to flourish, individuals like YOU are needed.  Thus, My Stream Online Radio wants to add YOUR business stream to its website.  Actively participating in this process will not only enable others to easily find your business, it will enable others to also listen to your stream.  This, in turn can also act as a way to increase traffic on your SIM and bolster your business sales, too.

To learn more about My Stream Online Radio:  A Internet Radio Stream, please contact Mr Travis Suave (etravis51) inworld or via Facebook at Edward Travis.

To take a look at this resource, please be sure to visit the site’s web page by clicking here:  My Stream Online Radio:  A Internet Radio Stream.  Also, please be sure to visit Mr Travis Suave’s Hangout Park by clicking here: Hangout Park.

Care and Hope Center Press Release: Cyber bullying Testimonies Needed for Upcoming Class

morgan in flowerFrom the desk of Morgan Whitfield Mickalobe, Care and Hope Center Owner:

Sometime around July or early August, The Care and Hope Center, along with The SL Parade, will collaborate and have a class discussion on a subject that all of us can relate to…bullying.  ReRe Sandalwood and I will concentrate on the topic of cyber bullying since Second Life is an online form of social media.

If you would like to share a cyber bullying-related experience, please send your testimony to either me or ReRe Sandalwood via an inworld notecard.  You can also send your testimony via a private IM in Facebook.  To do the latter, please feel free to click on our names listed below:

Arreba Sandalwood at The SL Parade and Morgan Whitfield Mickalobe at The Care and Hope Center

rere and sophie ha_001You can also send your testimony to ReRe’s The SL Parade address at

We plan to share your testimony in a supportive, classroom-based environment, and offer you the option to personally present it in a confidential and safe manner.  If you would prefer to anonymously send a testimony, ReRe Sandalwood and I will kindly (and anonymously) share your testimony in class.  Your name will not be mentioned if you do not want it to be.

We can not stress enough how much we need and appreciate your support.  With that being said, we look forward to hearing from you soon!