Etopia’s 10 Year Earth Day Celebration…And An Earth Day Clue!

Happy Earth Day To Everyone!!

NOTE:  The SL Parade has placed prizes all over its Headquarters in celebration of Etopia’s Earth Day.  Aligning ourselves with not only Etopia, but with Whole Brain Health, Nonprofit Commons, and Center Ground; The SL Parade has opened it’s virtual doors for you to not only take a look around, but to claim your prize!  To acquire a clue to find YOUR prize, please read this entire announcement, then pay a visit to The SL Parade’s Headquarters

Etopia’s Earth Day celebration this year is a multi-sim event. Etopia has partnered with Whole Brain Health, Nonprofit Commons, and Center Ground to bring you a variety of workshops, tours, music, and film.

Enjoy the festivities and Thank you for 10 fabulous years!!

********  Schedule of Events ***********

**** THURSDAY 4/20

7pm SLT: Earth Day Kickoff Party with DJ Dani.

**** FRIDAY 4/21

8:30am SLT:  Showing of the film “Before The Flood” followed by discussion. Before The Flood looks at how climate change affects our environment and what society can do to prevent the demise of endangered species, ecosystems and native communities across the planet. This event will be held at the Nonprofit Commons Ampitheater.

11:30am SLT:  Bridging Worlds – The Etopia Experience (Namaara MacMoragh) Presentation will share how Etopia bridges the Second Life experience with real world application of sustainable living ideas, works to raise awareness about the impact of climate change, and how collaborations with other Second Life communities benefits everyone.

2pm SLT:  Tour & Discussion of The Importance of Wetlands and Marine Life. Meet at Etopia Quest to explore the wetlands and marine life of Etopia with a discussion of the impact of climate change on this fragile ecosystem.

6pm SLT (tentative):  Showing of the film “Before The Flood” followed by discussion. Before The Flood looks at how climate change affects our environment and what society can do to prevent the demise of endangered species, ecosystems and native communities across the planet. This event will be held at the Bayview Ampitheater.

Friday Sister Sim Events You Don’t Want To Miss …

10am SLT:  Sunvibes Workshop on Inspiration Island  – Join the folks at Whole Brain Health on Inspiration Island for a musical journey from country to country. What better way to appreciate other cultures than our own than by listening to tunes from around the world?

**** SATURDAY 4/22

9am SLT:  Bamboo Bike Tour of Etopia Island with Namaara MacMoragh. Learn more about some of the most popular spots on Etopia and discover some of our hidden treasures. Join Nam as she shares the story and the fun of Etopia.

11am SLT:  Climate Change Game with Marly Milena at the Climate Change Platform on Inspiration Island. This symbolic modeling exercise explores various perspectives on climate change with a discussion on how we can use this experience to foster dialogue, sharing of information, and raising awareness of this issue.

** 12pm SLT – The Vinnie Show
** 1pm SLT – Max Kleene
** pm SLT – Torben Asp
** 3pm SLT – Phemie Alcott

2pm SLT:  Earth Day Open Mic- come share your writing: fiction, non fiction, poetry, essays about what inspires you about the Earth. life, climate change, and sustainablity. It can be your original writing or the writing of your favorite author. You can read yourself, have someone else read for you or just come to listen. Join Bhelanna Blaze & Namaara MacMoragh at the Etopia Ampitheater.

5pm SLT:  Fighting Climate Change with Permaculture. Join fate Paule as she shares her experiences creating a permaculture lifestyle and how this approach can make a difference in our daily life while creating positive change for the future.

Saturday Sister Sim Events You Don’t Want To Miss —

10am to 10pm SLT:  A Celebration of Music at Center Ground from featuring an array of DJ’s. Not attending a discussion or taking a tour? Be sure to stop by Center Ground for fun, friends, and great music.

**** SUNDAY 4/23

11am SLT:  Sustainability Sunday – Topic is Value of Earth Day Awareness (does it change behavior? how can we increase impact, reach, etc?)

Sunday Sister Sim Events You Don’t Want To Miss —

9:30am SLT:  Meditation at Inspiration Island with Dani Ballinger. Everyone interested in meditation is welcome at the Whole Brain Health Meditation Group. This intro is filled with instruction for beginners and interactive discussion. It’s a wonderful opportunity to contemplate our relationship to our mother earth today.


*** Other Activities ***

  • 10th Anniversary Birthday Hunt (20 April – 30 April)
  • Guided Walking Tour of Etopia Island
  • Guided Tours (Balloon Prime, Eagle Mtn, Dragon Surprise)




SL Parade’s Earth Day Clue (for the hunt):  

Way in the forest deep,
the gift is deeply hidden,
look toward the ground, as it is tightly wrapped
Once found, it is yours to keep

Please pay a visit to the SL Parade Headquarters to claim your prizes!

Reminder: Come to The SL Parade’s Big Band Party on Sunday, April 9, 2017!


Walk the SL Parade’s Red Carpet and join our Big Band Party!

Reminder:  Don’t forget that tomorrow, The SL Parade will be having a BIG BAND party from 2 PM SLT – 4 PM SLT at The SL Parade’s Headquarters. Come in your formal best, and be ready to strut your stuff on the Red Carpet and have Luna Morandiere take your photo!

Be sure to come out to the Big Band party on Sunday, April 9, 2017 from 2:00 PM SLT to 4 PM SLT!  Click here for your limo:  Limo to The SL Parade’s Big Band Party!

The SL Parade: Come Celebrate Our Grand Reopening!

This is an exciting time for The SL Parade, moreso because we will be having our Grand Reopening Celebration Party on Saturday, March 18, 2017 from 12 Noon SLT – 2 PM SLT!

Falbala Fairey, The SL Parade’s Grand Reopening DJ…

The SL Parade is also honored to have DJ Falbala Staheli (falbala.fairey) act as our Grand Reopening DJ!  Hailing from Germany, Falbala has been actively DJ’ing since 2008, and loves when others enjoy the music she shares.  The SL Parade recently caught up with Falbala, and when we asked her what her favorite thing was about DJ’ing she said, “I love taking my listeners on a trip full of emotions…all as a way to enjoy music on a different level…”

In addition, The SL Parade would like to not only introduce Justcallme Egipt as the acting host of this event, but also announce that Egipt has recently been hired as The SL Parade’s Event Coordinator.  As Event Coordinator, Egipt’s responsibilities include maintaining ReRe Sandalwood’s schedule, as well as plan and logistically coordinate all SL Parade events and activities. In terms of ReRe Sandalwood’s schedule, Egipt is sincerely needed because ReRe has become quite busy and needs to make sure she attends events scheduled inworld.

Because The SL Parade has had some challenges with the inappropriate use of its Headquarters, the Headquarters had to be temporally shut it down.  During this shut down process, readers may have noticed that no stories were posted on The SL Parade’s website; this was due, in large part due to restructuring efforts implemented to not only create a wider and more interactive parcel, but to also implement a new security-based protocol.  In terms of the latter, VP Sandalwood will now act as security for The SL Parade, and will actively oversee our newly remodeled parcel.

Justcallme Egipt (right) talks to ReRe Sandalwood on The SL Parade’s Red Carpet…

The SL Parade’s mission is to create an interactive parcel that emphasizes fellowship and education.  These two staples also act as the basis of showing that there is a firm connection between Second Life and Real Life.  Thus, with this mission and changes in mind, The SL Parade also introduces its new Kiosk; this kiosk is an interactive one, allowing patrons to animate their avatars and look as if they are reading a copy of The SL Parade!  Created by Aphrodite Shop, this kiosk offers patrons a menu of options.  These options include getting an SL Parade Headquarters landmark, as well as getting a Contributing Writers application and an invite to join The SL Parade’s inworld group.

If you join The SL Parade’s inworld group using the Kiosk, The Aphrodite Shop will give you a free gift!  All this and more will be featured at The SL Parade’s Grand Reopening Celebration party, so please be sure to come by and ENJOY what The SL Parade has to offer.  The party’s location is as follows, so please click here to get to The SL Parade’s Red Carpet…complete with a video camera and our on the scene host and reporter!

And please, do not forget to donate…without you, there would be no SL Parade!  Here is a breakdown of the upcoming party:

The SL Parade Invites YOU to our Grand Re-Opening Party!
➦ ωнat: The SL Parade’s Grand Re-Opening Celebration
➦ ωнєη: ℳαʀcɦ ➀➇, ➁◎➀➆, 12:00 Noon SLT – 2:00 PM SLT
➦ ωнσ:  The SL Parade Editor and Staff!
➦ ωнєяє: The SL Parade Headquarters
➦ нσstess: Justcallme Egipt, SLP Event Coordinator

The SL Parade is honored to have Dj Falbala Staheli (falbala.fairey) act as our Grand Re-Opening DJ! Falbala has been dj’ing since 2008, and loves when others enjoys the music she shares.  She explains, “I love taking them on a trip full of emotions to enjoy music again on a different level…”
☢ Attire: Sexy as you want to be (casual to formal)

To get a sneak peak at The SL Parade’s Headquarters, please look at the slide show below!

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Who the F#$k Shot VP Sandalwood?

VP Sandalwood discusses the day he got shot in Second Life…

On February 20 2017, I was standing in The SL Parade Headquarters living room, minding my own business.  I remember being a tad bit annoyed because it was President’s Day, and thinking to myself, “Sheesh, this is more like ‘Celebrity President’s Day’ because of Trump being in office.”  Anyway, I decided to distract myself from said national holiday by listening to some music on Youtube. 

Vp Sandalwood stands in the area where the griefing took place…

I began to relax, and even sing along…that is, until my sister ReRe IM’d me.  She got in my box and told me to friend one of her sl friends; I remember feeling honored by my sister’s request because I know how important her SL buddies/business partners are, so I happily added the suggested avatar…which meant that I now had a new friend to talk to.

I was still trying to relax though, so I continued to listen to the music playing on The SL Parade Headquarters Youtube screen.  Then, all of a sudden, there were two random avatars standing in the living room! I had never met, nor heard of neither the male avatar standing in front of me, let alone the female one that was standing beside him.  While I know The SL Parade Headquarters is open to the public, I never expected anyone to rezz directly in front of me while I was watching Youtube.

For this reason, I initially dismissed their presence as being part of the video I was watching….until they started to independently move away from the screen.  I continued to stand there in disbelief, wanting to convince myself that my eyes were playing tricks on me.  

One of the griefers that invaded The SL Parade’s Headquarters…

As they continued to move in a haphazard fashion, a million emotions began to baffle me. Like, who the hell were these avis, and how did they get in with the security system up? Though my emotions were going haywire, it didn’t matter at that moment because then, they started talking to each other! 

Still in shock, all I could say was, “What are you doing in my house?!” I then froze and stayed silent,  but was still slightly curious, not to mention a bit infuriated by their presence. 

It felt as if two minutes had went by as I continued to stare at them, but in actuality it was really about 10 seconds because, within that 10 seconds, the male avatar SHOT ME! I didn’t initially realize what had happened until I saw that there was a splatter of red stuff all over the carpet and on the walls.

In the meantime, I continued to stand there, completely confused by what I was seeing.  However, I still managed to take a slight step back and was able to better see the red stains on the carpet.  It was then that it finally dawned on me:  OMG that is supposed to be MY BLOOD! 

Yet despite being shot, my initial calmness related to the realization of what had happened instantly turned to PURE RAGE.  I thought to myself, “I was just shot in my own sim!”

I then locked my attention on the male avatar, and remembered what ReRe told me a few weeks prior:  I have the ability to eject avatars from our home and ban them from ever coming back.  I initially doubted my own ability to do this, and asked myself, “….but how? I have never done this before!”  Yet somehow, I thought quickly and clicked on the avatar.  With I sigh of relief, I noticed that there was an option to eject him in what seemed like a blink of an eye.  It was then that I proceeded to eject him first by pressing that handy ejection button.  I smiled as I watched his avatar disappear from the sim, and even began to do a mental “happy dance” as evidence of my accomplishment.

I then turned to the male avatar’s female partner in crime; I initially paused for a moment because I realized that while yes, she was this guy’s partner and all, but she had not attempted to shoot me like that male avatar did.  That thought must have went through my head for a split second though, because I still ejected her in the same way that I ejected her partner.

Once I kicked and banned them both, the horror and anger slowly began to fade away…not totally, but just enough so that I could regroup my thoughts and alert my SL sister about what had just occurred.

In the end, I realized how precious life is, because a situation like that could very well happen in Real Life, too:  like me, a person could be chilling out, minding their own business in their own home watching television.  Then, with no warning, criminals can simply bust in and kill you for no legitimate reason at all.

Life is precious and what I hope that if you are reading this, that you will take a moment and tell the people in your life that you love them. This might be SL, but I still take the time to tell ReRe how much I care about her…with her big-headed self.

Vp Sandalwood and ReRe Sandalwood…

The SL Parade Implements CHANGE for the Holidays!

vp-and-rereIt’s that time of the year again, and while I am very excited about the holidays, I am also implementing some changes to The SL Parade!  Most of the changes are very positive, and I wanted to use this time to share them with our readers…

For starters, The SL Parade will no longer offer advertising packages for purchase.  As a budding new editor, I have found that these ad packages do not fully represent what The SL Parade can do for the community.  For this reason, The SL Parade will be implementing a flat rate charge of $1000L for all advertisements.  This flat advertising rate will cover two full months of service, but will also enable all advertisers to have a permanent ad placed in our “SL Advertisers” section of the publication.

flat-rates-1This $1000L flat rate charge will also cover the following costs:

  1. A feature article about your product or service, complete with photos and one on one interviews with not only the business owner, but a few of their clients as well.
  2. A feature of your article in The SL Parade’s  website’s Slider, providing your business with week long exposure on our front page.
  3. Advertising your feature article in Facebook groups (please see slideshow below)
  4. Advertising your feature article in inworld, Second Life groups (please see slideshow below)
  5. An ad board featured in The SL Parade’s classroom
  6. Honorable mention on The SL Parade’s new radio show, “The SL Parade Talks” (scheduled to start the third week of January 2017)
  7. Your photo advertisement inserted in various, non-controversial articles

The SL Parade will also be offering space for wedding announcements, as well as for Rezz Day shout outs and wedding anniversary announcements on both our website and on our radio show.  The rates for these kinds of ads will be as follows:

  1. Wedding anniversary announcements and in depth reflection on its significance, complete with a a full article write up, photos of the couple and evidence of the sl and/or rl life they have built together, and an announcement in all inworld SL groups (as listed in accompanying photo):  $1000L
  2. Wedding announcements, complete with a two-paragraph long write up, photos of the couple, and an announcement in all inworld SL groups (as listed in accompanying photo):  $600L
  3. If a couple becomes engaged, and want to share their announcement with the SL community in a congratulatory fashion, or if a member of their family wants to publish a couple’s engagement announcement, The SL Parade will publish the announcement on our website:  $100L
  4. Rezz day shout outs on “The SL Parade Talks”:  $100L
  5. Rezz day party announcements and/or shout outs on The SL Parade’s website:  $100L
  6. Rezz day party coverage, complete with photo layout, two paragraph write up and accolades from well wishers:  $600L

Please note that The SL Parade has the right to use discretion when it comes to ad placement, and there is no guarantee that we will agree to publish your advertisement simply because you are willing to pay.

II.  No SL Awards Coverage

cultural-diversity-bias-prejudice-discrimination-3-728The SL Parade will no longer cover SL award-themed events, with the exception of “SL’s Got Talent.”  In our publication’s opinion, many of these SL Award shows are inherently bias and award individuals who exhibit behaviors that completely conflict with the awards they are afforded.  This problematic behavior includes, but is not limited to:  unethical practices, cyber bullying, promiscuity that many try to keep hidden; prejudice against other nationalities, genders, races, and ethnicities, etc.

While The SL Parade takes this position, we still wish all SL Award-themed event participants and founders the best in their SL, and look forward to keeping this neutral stance as it pertains to events of this nature.

III.  Creating A Donor’s and “In Loving Memory” Section on The SL Parade’s website

Because The SL Parade relies on donations from the SL Public, we aim to encourage significant donations.  One way this will be done is via the publication of donor names, as well as the amount they have pledged to our publication.  Thus, if you or your organization donates $1500L or more to The SL Parade, your name will be permanently listed in the newly implemented “Donors Section” of our web page.

keep-calm-and-be-a-donorIdeally, The SL Parade would like to publish photos of the donors, but will only do so with the donor’s approval.

We also encourage donations that honor the deceased.  Similar to our “Donors Section,” all donations of this nature have to be $1500L or more in order to qualify for publication.  Thus, if a loved one of yours has passed on and you would like to honor their memory via a donation to The SL Parade, we will not only publish the individual’s name, we will also publish any affirming comments that offer remembrances of this individual’s sl and/or rl contributions.

If the donation is $2200L or more, The SL Parade will extend our duty to the community we serve by doing a full-length article on the deceased.  This full-length article will include interviews with the deceased loved ones, as well as a full photo spread.  These photos can be SL and/or RL photos, as long as those involved approve of their publication.

IV.  Conclusion

The SL Parade encourages any feedback, including comments, suggestions or concerns about these new implementations.  Thus, if you would like to get in touch with The SL Parade’s Editor-In-Chief, please feel free to contact me at either or via Facebook here:  Arreba Sandalwood.  Of course, I can also be reached inworld at ℛᴇℛᴇ Sandalwood.

Please note that if you want to visit The SL Parade’s Headquarters, you can do so by clicking this link:  The SL Parade Headquarters.  Feel free to drop off any announcements, concerns, or suggestions in our pink mailbox located in front of ReRe Sandalwood’s house!

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Care and Hope Center Press Release: Cyber bullying Testimonies Needed for Upcoming Class

morgan in flowerFrom the desk of Morgan Whitfield Mickalobe, Care and Hope Center Owner:

Sometime around July or early August, The Care and Hope Center, along with The SL Parade, will collaborate and have a class discussion on a subject that all of us can relate to…bullying.  ReRe Sandalwood and I will concentrate on the topic of cyber bullying since Second Life is an online form of social media.

If you would like to share a cyber bullying-related experience, please send your testimony to either me or ReRe Sandalwood via an inworld notecard.  You can also send your testimony via a private IM in Facebook.  To do the latter, please feel free to click on our names listed below:

Arreba Sandalwood at The SL Parade and Morgan Whitfield Mickalobe at The Care and Hope Center

rere and sophie ha_001You can also send your testimony to ReRe’s The SL Parade address at

We plan to share your testimony in a supportive, classroom-based environment, and offer you the option to personally present it in a confidential and safe manner.  If you would prefer to anonymously send a testimony, ReRe Sandalwood and I will kindly (and anonymously) share your testimony in class.  Your name will not be mentioned if you do not want it to be.

We can not stress enough how much we need and appreciate your support.  With that being said, we look forward to hearing from you soon!


Mark your Calendar: October 30, 2015 Is The SL Parade’s Masquerade Charity Ball!

masquarade floral inviteThe SL Parade can not exist without your support.  To prove this, ReRe Sandalwood is planning a Masquerade Charity Ball, and kindly request your presence there.  The ball will take place on October 30, 2015 from 5 pm to 7 pm SLT.

The Masquerade Charity Ball is being held to raise money for all related to The SL Parade…from paying our writers, to insuring that our land’s tiers are paid for, we ask for your support not only during this important charity ball, but also throughout the year!

The ball will be held at The SL Parade Headquarters, and will feature DJ B Smooth and a host to be announced. Because this is a formal event, ReRe kindly requests that everyone come in their formal best, and to be sure to wear a masquerade mask in honor of the occasion.  You are also welcome to bring a date to this gala affair!

We accept donations via Pay Pal, as well as inworld via our donation center located outside The SL Parade’s Headquarters Building.  To donate inworld, please pay a visit to Egret Key here:  The SL Parade Headquarters.

To donate via PayPal, please click on this link:  The SL Parade’s Pay Pal Donation Center.

For more information about this upcoming event, or ways you can help The SL Parade, please contact ReRe Sandalwood at


Club Lion and The SL Parade Are Having A Two Day Party!!!

This could be US yall…so don’t play!

Join Club Lion and The SL Parade for a Party of a Lifetime!!!

Come one, come all to the celebration of a lifetime!  Club Lion and The SL Parade are teaming up to bring you two days of fun and excitement on Saturday August 1, 2015 and Sunday August 2, 2015!  Please take a look at what we have to offer, and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Nita Wunderlich or ReRe Sandalwood inworld.  You can also leave an email at either or at

Check out what Club Lion and The SL Parade have to offer on Saturday, August 1, 2015…
You still want to party? Then check out Day #2 on Sunday, August 2, 2015!!!


SLP: A Behind the Scenes Look

ReRe Sandalwood, The SL Parade's Founder and Editor-In-Chief of
ReRe Sandalwood, The SL Parade’s Founder and Editor-In-Chief…

The SL Parade is working hard FOR YOU! In preparation for the upcoming SL Parade Launch Party that will be held at the SL Parade Headquarters, ReRe Sandalwood, acting Founder and Editor of The SL Parade, has collaborated with some great SIM and club owners.  DJ KRSNA, one of many DJ’s gracious enough to help The SL Parade, is going to make it possible for Jill Scott to come and perform on Saturday, August 1, 2015 at 4 PM SL Time!  Scott, along with a very special SURPRISE guest, will offer a virtual performance filled with positive vibes and energy!

To insure The SL Parade is launched off in a fun, positive and vibrant way, there will be a two day celebration taking place on Saturday, August 1, 2015 and Sunday, August 2, 2015.

Huanita Wunderlich, pictured on the left, discusses the tentative SIM Opening Schedule with ReRe Sandalwood…

In anticipation of this two day celebration, ReRe Sandalwood has also joined forces with party throwing veteran, Huanita Wunderlich.  Sandalwood, along with Wunderlich are not only friends, but business partners who plan to offer a combination of life entertainment and DJ Fueled music to patrons.

For those that may not know, Wunderlich is the owner of Club Lion, a Club that not only specializes in offering the SL Community live entertainment and performances from world renowned singers, but also bolsters a photography studio and an array of intimate sitting areas for patrons.  What makes Club Lion really special is that it has been open since 2008, and has recently celebrated seven years of success inworld.

Huanita Wunderlich recently celebrated Club Lion's Seven Year anniversary...
Huanita Wunderlich recently celebrated Club Lion’s Seven Year anniversary…

Because Club Lion has recently moved to a new SIM, Wunderlich is planning a SIM Opening Party for not only Club Lion, but for The SL Parade, too.  This is because both buildings are housed on the same land, acting as virtual neighbors that share a surrounding ocean, as well as a beautiful sunset.  In turn, this enables patrons to venture on both sides of the SIM and enjoy the beautifully laid out scenery and foliage.

The tentative breakdown of the SIM Opening/Launch Party for Club Lion and The SL Parade is as follows:

On Saturday, August 1st, 2015, Club Lion tentatively presents the following activities:

Ricardo Avalira, who is an active and thriving Live Singer at Club Lion, will perform Saturday, August 1 from 12 PM - 1 PM...
Ricardo Avalira, who is an active and thriving Live Singer at Club Lion, will perform Saturday, August 1 from 12 PM – 1 PM…

10 am – 12 pm SLT : DJ M4R10
12 – 1 pm SLT : Ricardo Alvalira
1 – 2 pm SLT : tobykip Lionheart
2 – 3 pm SLT : ian Bleac
3 – 4 pm SLT : Rocky Toocool

These events will be facilitated by the following Club Lion Team:  Club Lion Owner Huanita Wunderlich, along with Head Host Evee Sturtevant and Host Tatjana Diesel.

On The SL Parade’s Side of the SIM, ReRe Sandalwood will officially launch her contributory-based celebration to not only honor The SL Parade official opening, but to also honor Huanita Wunderlich’s Club Lion Grand Opening–all on her newly purchased SIM!  The SL Parade’s contribution to this milestone will begin at 4:00 pm on Saturday, August 1st, 2015.

The SL Parade will offer the following venues on Saturday, August 1, 2015 for all patrons:

An reenactment of one of many Jill Scott's performances will be featured on Saturday, August 1, 2015.  There will be a Jill Scott avatar presented in her likeness...
An reenactment of one of many Jill Scott’s performances will be featured on Saturday, August 1, 2015. There will be a Jill Scott avatar presented in her likeness…

4 pm – 5 pm slt : Virtual Jill Scott Concert performance with Special Guests TBA
5 pm – 6 pm slt : DJ性感厚飛節 (also known as DJ H O C K S)

On Sunday, August 2, 2015, The SL Parade will continue its celebration by making The SL Parade Headquarters an EMPOWERMENT ZONE! All venues connected to the EMPOWERMENT ZONE is dedicated to all of those who strive to EMPOWER ONE ANOTHER with positive dialog and music.

With this in mind, The SL Parade EMPOWERMENT ZONE proudly presents the following venue on Sunday, August 2, 2015:

2 pm – 4 pm slt : DJ Krazy Sexy Kool with Host Daphne Wallace
4 pm – 6 pm slt : DJ Lady Soul with Host Sade Collins

Daphne Wallace is not only beautiful, but is a consummate professional whenever she hosts a venue...
Daphne Wallace is not only beautiful, but is a consummate professional whenever she hosts a venue…

Be mindful that The SL Parade’s EMPOWERMENT ZONE Team consist of the following: DJ KRSNA, who acts as a friend and guide, as well as a “behind the scenes DJ” and general advisor to The SL Parade; DJ性感厚飛節 (also known as DJ H O C K S), who will act as the official DJ for the Saturday, August 1, 2015 venue connected to The SL Parade Launch Party, DJ Krazy Sexy Kool, who not only is ReRe Sandalwood’s sister, but will be the officiating DJ for the EMPOWERMENT ZONE venue that will happen on Sunday, August 2, 2015.  She, along with acting Host Daphne Wallace will team up to bring all patrons a fun-filled venue with alot of laughs and positive energy.

DJ Krazy Sexy Kool is not only ReRe Sandalwood's sister, but is also one of the best DJ's on the Grid....
DJ Krazy Sexy Kool is not only ReRe Sandalwood’s sister, but is also one of the best DJ’s on the Grid….

Last but not least, DJ Lady Soul will act as the closing EMPOWERMENT ZONE DJ.  She, along with Host Sade Collins will add on to the fun and positivity that The SL Parade is striving to actively promote…

Sade Collins looks elegant, fierce and refined in formal attire, complete with a luxurious afro...
Sade Collins looks elegant, fierce and refined in formal attire, complete with a luxurious afro…

Because The SL Parade is a nonprofit organization, we rely on generous donations from those that choose to read our website.  If you are interested in donating, please click on the PayPal tab featured on the Home page of The SL Parade website.  The SL Parade also accepts donations inworld at The SL Parade Headquarters.

For more information on how to donate, as well as about other SL Parade upcoming events, keep checking website at  You can also email ReRe Sandalwood at or contact her inworld.